Posted by eckoh at 9:28 AM on May 22, 2017

Carter’s, Inc. Chooses Eckoh for PCI Compliance and Customer Trust

Eckoh has won a new contract with Carter’s, Inc. (“Carter’s”) to deploy its patented solution, CallGuard Audio Tokenization.

Eckoh has won a new contract with Carter’s, Inc. (“Carter’s”) to deploy its patented solution, CallGuard Audio Tokenization. This will enable Carter’s to provide secure payments in its contact center operations in line with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (“PCI DSS”).

Carter’s is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and is the largest branded marketer in the United States and Canada of apparel exclusively for babies and young children, with annual sales over $3 billion. Carter’s wanted the ability to extend secure payments for its products across all of its call and distribution centers, and required a robust solution that would ensure PCI DSS compliance. Eckoh’s proposal for descoping Carter’s entire operation (preventing any card data from even entering the contact center environment), along with Eckoh’s proven and market-leading solution, offered a safe solution with a simple, minimally disruptive implementation.

Carter’s, owner of two of the best-known brands in young children’s apparel – Carter’s and OshKosh B’gosh, has partnered with Eckoh to enhance its capabilities in protecting customers’ privacy and security. Eckoh’s simple solution requires limited integration or changes to existing processes and therefore was attractive to Carter’s. Because Eckoh’s CallGuard solution, whether delivered on-site or in the cloud, is deployed outside the company’s infrastructure it meets these requirements and can be deployed quickly to meet challenging deadlines.

Eckoh’s CallGuard solution, utilizing Audio Tokenization, converts sensitive payment card data, keyed in by the caller using their telephone keypad, to non-sensitive placeholders – devaluing card data before it enters the contact center environment and so making it of no value to thieves. The tokenized data is not actual card information and so can be stored securely and used for repeat purchases, safely exposed to agents, employees and home-based workers in line with PCI requirements.

Unlike other complex and onerous solutions, Eckoh’s simple solution brings best practice in CNP payment security for contact centers to the US by partnering with leading companies such as Carter’s.

Ben Pivar, Vice President, Retail IT, Carter's, Inc. noted: “Carter’s is the most trusted brand in young children's apparel. We are excited to implement Eckoh's CallGuard Audio Tokenization as we believe this enhances our ongoing commitment to the privacy and security of our customers.”

Nik Philpot, CEO at Eckoh, commented: “We’re delighted to be working with Carter’s to safeguard its reputation and customers’ trust. With the incidence of card data theft rising all the time it’s vitally important for retailers to show they are taking their customers’ data security seriously and implement a solution. There is a safe and simple way for organizations to take payments over the phone, and that is Eckoh’s CallGuard Audio Tokenization solution, which is proven to deliver both compliance and security.”