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Automated parcel tracking and 24x7 redelivery service - with no queuing
Automated parcel tracking and 24x7 redelivery service - with no queuing


Industry: Business Services     Employees: 4,500            Revenue:  £9.8m

Business: A courier and logistics service delivering to destinations worldwide, using an international partner network. It is also a subsidiary of Royal Mail and delivers more than one million parcels a day across 34 countries in Europe.

Challenge: To enable customers to more easily arrange redelivery and to find out the status of their parcels.

Solution: Hosted IVR solutions to automated services to provide tracking and redelivery bookings.


  • Improved customer service
  • Customers able to track and book services any time of day or night when it suits them
  • Customers have access to more information about their parcels


Parcelforce Worldwide part of Royal Mail Group Ltd, alongside Royal Mail, and the Post Office, is the world’s largest delivery network, covering more than 99.6% of the global population and reaching 239 different countries and territories. Parcelforce Worldwide provides high-quality collect and delivery services to both business and private addresses.


Parcelforce Worldwide customers were suffering from the inconvenience of not being able to arrange a redelivery or get up to the minute parcel status information when the contact centre was out of working hours or during bank holidays.

These simple requests were also taking up agents’ time when they could be dealing with more complex or difficult enquiries.


Parcelforce Worldwide selected Eckoh to provide two hosted IVR solutions; one for tracking parcels and one for booking redeliveries. The automated parcel tracking and redelivery services allow customers to track parcels and change delivery arrangements by phone on a 24-hour, no queue basis.

Eckoh also provides Parcelforce Worldwide with redelivery websites offering another way for customers to reschedule redelivery of their parcel. The automated information line uses advanced speech recognition and caller identification to recognise repeat callers, anticipate their information requests and offer personalised and up-to-the-minute delivery status information about their parcels.

Customers who use the automated service are also given the option to transfer to an agent in working hours if necessary.

It’s a working relationship we now come to expect from all of our suppliers and not just Eckoh. As far as the return on investment and cost is concerned the service has paid for itself more times over. Patrick Morgan, Parcelforce Worldwide


The multi-channel solution has led to improved customer service due to increasing ways of customers being able to contact Parcelforce Worldwide. This frees up contact centre agents to focus on more complex or higher value calls.

Customers can call at their convenience 24x7 and there are no situations such as in evenings or on bank holidays where they are not able to arrange redelivery because the contact centre or customer services centre is closed.

The hosted solution has delivered a large return on investment where automation was available meaning no up-front capital expenditure was required by Parcelforce Worldwide.

The service gives customers the ability to access information that they wouldn’t have been normally able to via more than one channel with the option to transfer to an agent in normal working hours.


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