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RCI Financial Services
Securing payments, achieving PCI DSS compliance and driving customer experience
Securing payments, achieving PCI DSS compliance and driving customer experience


Industry: Financial Services    Employees: 2,830    Revenue: €1.63 billion

Business: International company that specialises in automotive financing, insurance and related activities for the Renault group brands globally; for the Nissan group brands in Europe, Russia, Asia and South America.

Challenge: Managing the 400,000 calls per year which were handled solely by agents and to achieve PCI DSS compliance.

Solution: EckohPAY for automated, self-service payments and PCI DSS compliance.


  • Agent time optimised
  • Cardholder data is secure and not exposed to the risk of fraud
  • A solution is that available at any time of day or night


RCI Financial Services Ltd provides finance solutions to Renault and Nissan customers of new and used cars and prides itself on offering to quality services that its customers have come to expect from a specialist motor company.


All customer service calls, which include payment requests, contract settlement figures and dealer calls were handled solely by agents. 400,000 calls per year received by the contact centre were for information on contract settlement amounts. RCI wanted to select a provider that was not only PCI DSS compliant to automate payment requests, but also offer an alternative solution for dealing with the more routine requests for settlement information. RCI wanted to free up agents to handle the more complex customer requests.


Following a contact centre discovery session at RCI’s contact centre, Eckoh proposed its real-time PCI DSS compliant payment solution EckohPAY, combined with EckohID to securely authenticate the caller. The solution includes:

  • PCI DSS compliant payments
  • Provision of settlement figure via phone and SMS
  • Dedicated Dealer Network number
  • Agent transfer to automated payment service.

For all services customers are identified and verified by EckohID, capturing agreement number or zip code, car registration and date of birth - all using Eckoh’s speech recognition capability. Callers are then able to make real-time secure card payments or receive their contract settlement figure over the phone or sent by SMS. Callers always have the option to speak to an agent at any time. Prior to connecting the call, the agent receives a ‘whisper message’ that gives them information the caller has already provided. This ensures maximum call efficiency.

It was critical for RCI to work with a payment supplier who could demonstrate full PCI DSS compliance. Eckoh not only provides this but they have the infrastructure required to serve our customers securely, quickly and efficiently. They have shown themselves to be highly responsive to our needs and have given us the confidence that our customers’ future demands will be well catered for. Alan Heaffey, RCI Financial Services

Additionally, agents have the ability to transfer a call to the automated service when payment is going to be made. This reduces the risk of agent error and provides the caller with the confidence that their payment is being handled in a secure environment.

Alan Heaffey, Director of Operations at RCI Financial Services comments; “The success of the service has proven how the automation of appropriate calls has brought significant and rapid benefits to our organisation. EckohPAY gives our customers complete peace of mind that their payments are being handled in a PCI DSS compliant manner.”


Results achieved include...

  • Approximately one million transactions processed per year
  • De-scoped the PCI DSS compliance project - avoiding costly expenditure on equipment or licenses
  • RCI agent productivity optimised and prepared for growth.

Eckoh’s solution ensures that cardholder data maintaining the highest level PCI DSS compliance and customer service. Available 24/7, it also maximizes the efficiency of RCI’s contact centre agents by freeing them to focus on more complex customer service requests.



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