Florida-based business providing residential and commercial mortgages and asset management services.

Florida-based business providing residential and commercial mortgages and asset management services.


Industry: Financial Services Employees: 6,400 Revenue: $18.21 billion

Business: Large residential and commercial mortgage and asset management services business, operating across the US.

Challenge: To maintain its existing contact center systems while transitioning to new technology.

Solution: Eckoh's third-party party contact center support service.


  • Flexibility in contract length
  • Reduced costs through third-party support
  • Maximize ROI on contact center technology investment


A leading financial services business, based in West Palm Beach, Florida, that provides residential and commercial mortgage loan servicing and asset management services. The business is licensed to service mortgage loans in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and two U.S. territories and has been servicing residential mortgage loans since 1988 and subprime mortgage loans since 1994. They are the largest non-bank servicer in the US, traded on the NYSE and service a mortgage portfolio of over 500 Billion in UPB.


The organization has a large customer base — covering consumer and commercial accounts — spread over a large geographic area. As such they have a substantial contact center operation to manage.

The customer uses Aspect 7.2 Unified IP systems and Aspect WFM. Previously they had been supported by Aspect but with their plans to migrate to new technology that support was no longer available. Their intent was to maximize the investment they'd made by continuing with the Aspect technology while they prepared for the transition to new systems.

As such, they needed to find a provider of third-party support that had a proven track record, especially with Aspect technology. It was also important that the provider had resources throughout the country with experience supporting their existing systems. Flexibility in the length of any contract was another key element of their needs to enable them to make the transition to new technology efficiently and without disruption to the running of the business.


Eckoh provided its expert and world-leading third-party support service for the data centers in Atlanta, Georgia and Denver, Colorado. Many Aspect solutions still work well and deliver value so with Eckoh's third-party support, the organization can extend the life of their solutions so they can upgrade in their timeframe.

Upgrading contact center technology can seem a daunting task and vendor support for existing systems can be expensive. The real alternative is third-party support from an expert in the field with proven experience in a wide range of technologies.


  • Flexibility — enabling the organization to maintain their existing systems until they were ready to transition to new technology
  • Resources — Eckoh's experts are available across the country
  • Experience — Eckoh's experience in this field is well-known
  • Save money — third-party support is better value than vendor support
  • ROI — maximize the investment made in the technology

Looking Forward

As a solution unique to Eckoh, we recognize that this example is likely a challenge many other enterprise organizations struggle with when they begin tackling payment security within their contact centers. Some organizations may even feel like their only option is to either deploy hardware on-premise – likely disrupting long-term cloud transformation strategies – or only achieve partial PCI DSS de-scoping.

As a result, the methodology innovated for The Client is now part of the Eckoh architecture. In fact, multiple other clients have also taken advantage of this solution, allowing them to maintain their existing telephony architecture while maintaining the strictest possible standard for payment security.

To learn more about how Eckoh secures payments across all engagement channels, reach out to one of our trusted advisors.

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