Wyevale Garden Centres

Instant access to nearest store information, at any time of day.

Wyevale Garden Centres is the largest and most successful garden centre chain in the UK operating 129 centres. They wanted an automated phone system to re-direct calls to the correct location and provide basic store information.


With so many nationwide stores, The Garden Centre Group wanted to help their customer find their nearest garden centre and useful information about it. However they found that:

  • callers were connecting to the wrong garden centres, and
  • customer service staff were spending too much time redirecting calls and giving basic store information.


In 2004, The Garden Centre Group awarded Eckoh the contract to develop a bespoke 'Garden Centre Locator' solution.

Eckoh implemented EckohLOCATE, a speech recognition technology that first asks a caller for the country and then based on their reply, the caller receives information about their nearest garden centre including store name, address, opening hours, and have the option to connect directly to the Garden Centre.

As part of a recent update to the service, the solution was rewritten to include STD area code identification. Customers calling from a landline are now able to find their nearest garden centre based on their area code.

If customers call from a withheld or mobile number, they simply say the name of the town they are in and EckohLOCATE will find their nearest store or restaurant opening hours.


Using EckohLOCATE, The Garden Centre Group has increased the scope of their customer service by providing 24/7 availability.

Customers now have an easy to use and prompt service to locate their nearest store. Internally, it has helped to reduce costs and improve efficiency by routing calls correctly and enabling call centre teams to focus on more complex and in-store enquiries and transactions.

Eckoh's more acurate speech recognition and updated statistical reports provides The Garden Centre Group with important customer behavioural analysis.

Main Benefits

  • Freeing up customer service staff to focus on in-store queries and value add transactions
  • Reduced number of calls connecting through to an in-correct garden centre
  • 24/7 outlet locator service
  • Ability for callers to connect through to an outlet if requested
  • Improved store information
  • Store name, address, and opening hours given
  • Improved STATS and logging ability

For their customers, they benefit from:

  • An efficient 'no wait, no queue' service
  • Fast and easy to use service
  • Callers can obtain outlet information on the move
  • Services operates 24x7
  • Callers have the option to transfer to an outlet if needed
Wyevale Garden Centres
Immediate access to up-to-the-minute relevant information is crucial for our customers. We now provide that in a fast, efficient way by using automated solutions, without losing the personal touch. We believe Eckoh’s hosted solution not only provides us with the flexibility to cater for variable peaks in our business, but most importantly delivers a quality of service and convenience
Darren Mogg, Wyevale Garden Centres