Target Group

Audio Tokenisation Innovation for Secure Telephone Payments

Target Group is a leading software driven service provider for loans, investments and insurance companies; trusted by over 50 major financial institutions. We have helped them achieve PCI Compliance by implementing our CallGuard Audio Tokenisation solution.

Target offers financial and administrative software services to the financial sector – specifically large insurance companies. As well as selling insurance on behalf of clients, they also collect arrears payments for mortgages and loans e.g. car finance, personal loans. Their customers include large FTSE 250 financial institutions. Target has two contact centres, one in Newport and the other in Chester, with a total of 350 contact centre agents. The company had begun working towards PCI DSS compliance as it had become increasing important to their clients that they had a Report on Compliance (ROC). They also wanted to ensure they were offering the end customer the most secure method of payment and peace of mind.

Target short-listed three potential suppliers, including Eckoh, for their telephone payments security technology expertise. Other suppliers offered DTMF Masking - the industry standard technology, but Target couldn’t adopt it because

  1. it was too complex to integrate into the existing IT framework,
  2. implementation would take too long, and demanded too much time from internal resources; and
  3. it was too disruptive to existing payment processes


In order to win two contracts, Target approached Eckoh to help them meet an extremely challenging deadline. They needed their contact centre to be PCI DSS compliant within six weeks of contract signature. They also specified that the solution did not drastically alter the contact centre workflow, increase agent average handling time; or slow down internal IT systems or require an investment in more hardware.


To meet the above challenges, Eckoh offered Target a new alternative — our patented Audio Tokenisation solution. Eckoh’s Audio Tokenisation is revolutionary. It is the only PCI DSS compliant contact centre solution available that removes all areas of the contact centre from PCI DSS audit scope, and:

  • Needs no integration with IT infrastructure or Payment Service Providers Allows companies to use their existing systems or processes without needing any changes
  • Devalues card data before it enters the organisation, meaning the tokenised data can be stored safely and used for repeat purchases in line with PCI requirements Can tokenise other sensitive data (as well as card data) for additional data security Eckoh’s Audio Tokenisation solution delivers innovation and results:
  • Before card data enters the contact centre environment, it’s converted into a tokenised format (audio tokens) that has no financial value to criminals
  • These ‘audio tokens’, or placeholders,are passed through the contact centre systems or IVR in the same way as card data flows today, and
  • Seamlessly and transparently, the placeholders are converted back to card data outside the contact centre environment, prior to reaching the payment provider

The payment provider receives card data transactions as normal, but the contact centre systems (including IVR, agents, call recording systems, computers and phone network) have not transmitted or stored any card data.


Eckoh’s CallGuard Audio Tokenisation has provided Target with a wealth of real accountable cost and time saving benefits. The speed of integration, flexibility and ‘light layering’ nature of audio tokenisation is where it set itself apart from other solutions on the market.

Target quickly realised the benefits of this system for:

  • speed of implementation,
  • lack of disruption to their IT infrastructure
  • the robustness and scope of security for such a light implementation
  • the ease of use for both agents and customers

Making things vanish has been a magician’s trick for centuries. Now Eckoh has made it happen with sensitive card data — instantly removing a compliance challenge that otherwise threatens to unseat today’s contact centres.

With a valueless token in its place, there’s nothing for thieves to steal, providing unrivalled security, flexibility and consideration for existing and future IT systems.

If you would like to know more about how Audio Tokenisation can help your business, contact us on the details below for an impartial discussion.

The Eckoh team were fantastic, worked calmly under pressure, provided regular updates and exceptional project management. The implementation took just six weeks to implement, beating the eight week curfew by two solid weeks. We were extremely impressed with their efficiency, dedication and technical knowledge.
Warren Whewell, IT Security Manager, Target