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Avaya alternative support from trusted experts

Some of the world’s largest organisations trust us to provide Avaya support for their equipment. We provide 24 x 7 x 365 support for IVR products such as IR and AVP, and legacy IVR products and CTI components from Avaya switches. We build VoiceXML applications for deployment on IVR systems and assist with migration to or from solutions.

Eckoh’s media gateway has been tested rigorously with Avaya solutions, giving you reassurance that your deployment will be tightly integrated and seamless. Today Eckoh customers are using FlexxGate to convert H.323 to SIP, T1 and E1 to VoIP, and integrate non-Avaya IVR platforms to Avaya IP switches.

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Working with Eckoh

Eckoh has a unique support philosophy. Many companies just see their support staff as gatekeepers for their engineering team – we don’t. Our support staff IS our engineering team – there’s no separation. When you call Eckoh support, your call is answered directly by a trained Eckoh engineer whose job is to solve your problem. We own the ticket even when it means managing other third-party suppliers until a satisfactory resolution is reached.

We support blue chip businesses mission-critical systems 24 hours a day 7 days a week all over the world from the US & Europe to Asia and Australia. Millions of customers and hundreds of companies use platforms designed, managed and supported by Eckoh which is why no one who has come to Eckoh for support has ever gone back to their original vendor.

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Mortgage-Asset Services Business

The client’s plans to migrate to new technology meant that vendor support was no longer available. Their intent was to maximise the investment they’d made by continuing with the Aspect technology while they prepared for the transition to new systems. With Eckoh’s third-party support, the organisation can extend the life of their solutions so they can upgrade in their timeframe.

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Here's the benefits

  • Good long-term value that is clearly defined and easily understood

  • Legacy support through the transition of existing architecture

  • 24x7 availability worldwide

  • Complete end to end service.

  • Maximise your technology investment

  • Get better support at lower cost

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