Help customers to complete orders. Share screens securely and boost sales.

Share Your Customers Screen to Help Them Fulfil Tasks

Web visitors can often get stuck, or confused — preventing them from clicking 'Order'.

Even if you’re engaging them in text chat or talking on the phone, it can sometimes still be difficult for customers to explain exactly what they're encountering — and your agent knowing how best to help.

So how can you intervene in a helpful way and take hand-holding to the next level?


Browse and Click Together

Offering to view the customer’s screen with them can make all the difference, turning disappointment and missed opportunities into solid sales and a positive customer experience.

Co-Browsing enables your agents to take control by guiding customers through their journey. You can share screens, fill forms together and remove any uncertainty.

Screen Sharing – With a Difference

Co-Browsing is more secure than traditional screen sharing, so customers can feel more confident:

  • The feature only shows your agent what's on the customer’s web page and not other open tabs or applications.
  • Field masking allows you to specify which form fields on a web page contain sensitive information. These areas are not shared so your agents never see what's typed by the customer. This ensures PCI DSS compliance.

Key Benefits

  • Boost sales by helping your web visitors to find what they need
  • Turn customer frustration into satisfaction
  • Maintain their privacy and confidence
  • Ensure PCI DSS compliance

How Co-Browsing Works

Web visitors don't need to download or install any software. Co-Browsing is 100% web based and works on desktops, tablets and any mobile with a browser.

As soon as the session starts, your agents can see the customer's view of your website – and which actions they're trying to complete.

Your agent can navigate through pages with them. Customers see the mouse pointer of your agent and vice versa.

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