Boost sales. Make it easy for your web visitors to request a call.

Give your Customers the Option to be Called Back

Sometimes your web visitors just want to talk to an agent. They may be unable to find the right item. They could have a complicated question about shipping, or maybe there's an issue every time they try to purchase a product?

A number of customers will make the effort to call your helpline but dread being kept waiting in a queue. If you don't answer them quickly, they'll hang-up and you'll lose their business.

So, if you can't help reduce the call queues, read on to see how can you help them?

Instant Callback

Get a Massive Return on Investment

Call-Back is the perfect solution to avoid losing sales. You can give your customers the option for someone to call them back on the phone, rather than abandoning your website in frustration because they can't find what they need.

The results can be spectacular. All our clients have seen their conversion rates improve. In fact, on average, they've benefited from a 19x return on investment. Order values are also higher for customers that request call-backs.

Call-Back means free calls for your customers. And you only pay (per minute at a set rate) for the time you actually spend speaking to customers.

Key Call-Back Benefits

  • Increase sales and improve customer service at critical moments
  • Make it free and easy for customers to talk with you instantly
  • Avoid losing sales because web visitors give up
  • Take PCI compliant payments on the call
  • Works with our entire Live Help Suite - helping you provide a stress-free Omni-Channel experience.

How Call-Back Works

Web visitors click the button to request a call-back.

As your agent takes the call, they see the customer’s name and the web page they're looking at.

Agents can also see the journey taken by each customer. It's all visible on the Omni-Channel agent console.

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Call-Back is a Great Fit with Some of Our Other Service



Want to show a customer a specific page while you're chatting? Push them the URL. You can also look at the screen with them using Co-browse.

Web Chat

Web Chat

With a click of a button your customers can text chat in real time. Your agents can handle multiple chats at one time, delivering personal service in a cost-effective way.


After Service Surveys

Want to know what your customers think of your service levels? Ask them! At the end of each chat session, a quick optional survey will tell you what you want to know, with all results available in real time.

Organisations of all types are using our Call-Back Software to increase sales