Knowledge Base - External

Multi-channel knowledge capability that makes it easier for customers to find answers

A better experience all round

Our SaaS knowledge management platform delivers a multi-channel capability that significantly reduces the effort needed for customers to find the answers they need. The solution is already used successfully by leading organisations such as M&S, Ralph Lauren and The National Trust.

External Knowledge Base has been proven to deliver an enhanced customer experience as well as impressive savings.

Inbound and Outbound too

Our solution makes it easy to maintain 
a centralised, self-service External Knowledge Base for customer facing web sites, contact centres and internal departments. So, you have one interface and one central hub to manage all channels of communication.

It can be linked to customer web pages and other applications so the customer or agent never has to leave their preferred web page or system to get the support of the knowledge platform.

Our External Knowledge Base content is highly searchable by Google and other search engines.

How External Knowledge Base Works

A highly intelligent search engine, which allows users to interrogate the Knowledge Base in their own words and suggests the best paths for resolving an enquiry.

It is fully hosted so you don’t need to install any hardware or software.

It's easy to update and collaborative. Content is entered as simple question and answer pairs and all staff employed on the Knowledge Base can contribute content and all end users can offer feedback. Senior staff can oversee and control quality.

Key Benefits

  • Customers can find their answers 
  • Achieve impressive savings as less agents are required
  • User journeys and customers' 
experience is significantly enhanced with improved consistency and accuracy of responses
  • Make the most of your existing knowledge assets
  • Customers can search in their own words.
  • Can be integrated with internal knowledge base to allow searches based received messages

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