Smart SMS

Personalise your customer communications and reduce costs.

Many of the outbound calls your contact centre makes are fairly simple.

So why tie up your expensive skilled agents’ time with them? Automating the small things like keeping your customers up-to-date with an offer, confirming an appointment or doing a quick survey, frees them up for more lengthy calls. Plus, 98% of text messages are read by customers. Rather than interrupting their day with a badly timed phone call, send them a text to read at their leisure.

Smart SMS provides a set of web based applications and tools to build and send mobile messaging programs. Supporting one-way and two-way messaging, SMS makes conducting quick conversations with your customer easy.


Send Messages Anywhere in the World

Our Smart SMS Campaign Manager is easy to use and will get a complex campaign of many data segments up and running in no time. It can send messages to customer anywhere in the world.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce costs by using SMS to send messages rather than expensive agents
  • Improve customer satisfaction with less intrusive text messages
  • Can be highly personalised to the customer
  • Every mobile alerts their user of a text and most read them
  • Can be sent in mass at any time, day or night, in any time zone

How Smart SMS Works

Create import templates to manage all importing, deployments and exporting on a daily basis, saving you time and improving campaign accuracy.

Deploy scheduled or one off campaigns by dropping data files on to a secure FTP and export regular reporting to be transferred to your internal FTP.

Create data segments within campaigns, SMS allows you to drive specific messages to target groups of your customers. And with personalisation you can create a more bespoke experience for the customer.

For two-way communications

You can apply a set of rules the enables you to reply to inbound messages with a selection of reply and forwarding tools. For instance:

  • Reply with an SMS – a thank you or information message
  • Forward to another mobile number, group of mobile numbers or email address – for disaster recovery or lead generation
  • Execute a database lookup to drive a response out with specific requested information – product information or statistics
  • Respond with a different message to the first X responders following by another message for all others – competitions or promotions.

Smart SMS

Choosing the most effective way to communicate is essential to the business of getting things done. Today we are inundated with messages from all different forms of communication, including email, apps, snail mail, social media, telemarketing and more.

The benefits of text messaging are hard to ignore with open rates for text messaging is exceptionaly high at 98% – and the average person responding in 90 seconds.

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