With over half the UK's mobile phone users now owning a smartphone, consumers want to contact you at any time of day through a variety of channels.

The Importance of Multi-Channel Self-Service for Today's Customer

Multi-channel self-service is about offering customers the chance to engage with you in whatever way suits them, at any time of day.

It allows shift workers or insomniacs to do their shopping in the middle of the night, patients to call and book or change an appointment whenever they need to, or any customer to check and update their accounts and preferences in a mobile app, through an IVR, on a website or even in person, at whatever time is convenient for them.

'Omni-channel' is slightly different. It focuses on joining different channels together, following a customers journey as the move from website, to app, to agent, etc.

Multichannel Self-Service

Create a Smooth Customer Experience

Customers love to serve themselves - researching products, finding answers online and on forums, etc. But there is a limit to how much information self-service channels can offer.

That's why it's important to link in your contact centre to every channel as a fall-back to where the query escalates to a conversation.

Offer your customers the option for an agent call-back from your Facebook or Smartphone app, or launch a Chat with them from your website if they have been browsing for your website for a while.

Customers Hate Repeating Themselves

The one frustration customers have with various contact mechanisms on offer is the amount of times they have to re-enter information, or if they get through to any agent - repeat information they have already entered into another contact channel.

This only gets worse in a multi-channel environment, so you need to adopt ways to share your self-service systems with agents, and vice-versa.

So What's The Best Solution?

It's one which fits with your strategy and capabilities, where you can deliver what you promise, and where you can add real value for customers

Remove Customer Obstacles

If you can't stay open all day, provide some level of 24/7 service via all channels so that the customer knows you will call them/email them back, preferably at a time they choose.

Prioritise Important Customers

Manage customer expectations and don't over promise. But do prioritise customers that are important to your business e.g. repeat customers, after sales calls, bill payments, etc.

Use Customers Preferred Channels

Mirror the customer's contact channel where it makes sense. So if they called you on their mobile, call them back on that number. If they posted on Facebook, post back.

But With So Many Channels, Which Ones Should You Support?

If you are asking the same question, you are not alone. The explosion of customer contact channels is posing a problem for many customer service organisations. And it isn't just about what channels to support, but how much functionality should be included in each.

The important thing to note is that information in each channel must be consistent. Configuring systems so that any changes you make are reflected across all channels is the tricky bit. And that's where we can help.

Our Multi-Channel Services


Customer service that never sleeps

Hosted IVR

If your Interactive Voice Response is well-designed, your customers will love you for it. No long menus - Bliss!

Visual IVR

Give your callers the benefit of rich visual interactions and drive channel-shift to digital self-service solutions.

Natural Language Speech Recognition

If you replace long phone menus with a simple 'How can I help you?' — customers get answers in seconds

Identification & Verification

Save time and money by automating your customer security questions, and make your contact centre more efficient

General Enquiries

Answering general enquiries need not be time consuming for your customers or you, if you offer it as self-service.

Create a Smooth Customer Experience

For over two decades, Eckoh has helped contact centre organisations evolve their systems and technology into a multi-channel environment. Our self-service expertise creates quick and effortless ordering and buying journeys for your customers. So whether they are calling on their phone, enquiring on the web or an app, we can automate the responses so they can get the information they want every time.

We also ensure the link between these services and the agent are seamless offering Live Help Services such as web chat, call-back and more.