General Enquiries

Answering general enquiries need not be time consuming for your customers or you, if you offer it as self-service.

Can You Keep Up With Customer's Thirst for Instant Information?

When customers call to find out basic information - how quickly can you provide the answer?

Customers are becoming more and more impatient. When they want to know something really basic, like your store opening hours, they want the information NOW, and at any time of the day! That means ensuring it's available on your website, app and phone with a minimum of effort by the customer to get it.

Read on for an effective antidote.

General Enquiry Information

Answer Your Customers' SOS

EckohINFO is an automated information service that lets your customers get general product or service information at any time of the day or night. It can include travel information, stock availability, restaurant seating availability, store opening hours and much more.

Applied over any customer contact channel, customers can quickly and easily get product or service-related information. SMS and email responses can be triggered to send information to the customer.

Reduce Contact Centre Call Volumes

Answering mundane questions all day long could make your contact centre agents feel like zombies, which adds to a high attrition rate. So their time is better spent answering more complex enquiries.

EckohINFO's automated IVR handles all the frequently asked questions from callers. It's been proven to reduce contact centre call volumes (as the service is 24/7) and free up agents by 38%. Plus it retain agents who now have more stimulating conversations.

Omni-Channel Features

  • Fully hosted solution
  • Can be applied across phone, web and mobile channel
  • Customised questions and answers
  • All information relayed in real-time
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Easily integrated with your data and information systems
  • SMS and email responses can be triggered through all channels

Over the Phone Benefits

  • Delivers up-to-the-minute information for your customers
  • Reduces the number of generic and repetitive calls to your agents
  • Keeps agents motivated
  • Quick and easy for customers to use
  • You can focus on complex enquiries
  • SMS and emails with information links can be triggered through the phone call.

How Our Customer Information Technology Works

EckohINFO can be tailored to your organisation's specific needs and used in any sector that has frequently asked questions about a product or service. Whichever channel customers choose to interact with, they are asked a short series of questions which retrieves the information they want when answered. Specific content and preferences can easily be stored and customer recognition allows their last requests to be recalled and information relating to it be relayed i.e. An update on a previously ordered item.

IVR or Speech Recognition over the Phone

Over the phone, customers are prompted by the system to make choices and provide key information by entering details into their telephone keypad or using speech recognition and natural language.

Website Integration with CRM System

Web users are able to browse content and enter key information using responsive websites that adapt content to any devices desktop, tablet, mobile or smart TV.

Customer Information Through Mobile Devices

For users on the move, smartphone apps provide an easy and convenient means to fulfil their needs. The apps can be customised by the user based on their saved preferences and location allowing quick retrieval for regular information with the option of obtaining SMS and push notifications.

EckohINFO Brochure

For more information on how EckohINFO can help you, download the brochure or contact us directly.

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