Identification & Verification

Save time and money by automating your customer security questions, and make your contact centre more efficient

Are Security Questions Costing you Money?

Customers value self-service. They also understand the need for verification. But have you found a way to blend both easily?

Without self-service for customers, your agents could be spending 3-4 minutes verifying each consumer. But wouldn't you prefer to reduce this cost dramatically using automation?

Now there's a way to save time for everyone while maintaining security.

Identify and Verify

Reduce Your Call Handling Times

With EckohID&V, you can reduce agent call handling times, operational costs, and the risk of fraud and identity theft. Our customer identity verification identifies and verifies customers over voice, web or mobile channels before they get transferred to an agent to discuss the main reason for their call.

Verification focuses on their personal data, such as a unique reference or account number, postcode, passcode or date of birth.

It's Easy for Customers

Customers are quite happy to use an IVR or website to relay their answers — provided it's quick and easy to use. They like it even more if it's personalised to recognise their basic details.

Depending what your customer wants to achieve, you can keep agents out of the conversation altogether — and provide self-service options instead.

EckohID&V Features

  • Real-time caller ID and Verification
  • Transaction authentication
  • Identity theft and fraud reduction
  • Automated product integration

Identification and Verification Benefits

  • Identify and verify customers over multiple channels
  • Simple and quick for customers to use
  • Reduced agent call handling time
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Increased security

How Identification and Verification Works

Whichever channel your customer contacts you with, EckohID&V prompts the user for their unique reference or account number followed by personal details such as their birth date, password or other answers to security questions in order to verify them.

Key Information Using IVR or Speech Recognition

When a customer phones an organisation, identification and verification usually takes place in the initial 45 seconds of interaction. Callers are prompted by the system to provide key information by entering details into their telephone keypad or using speech recognition. If successful, the caller is either routed to an agent or an automated service to handle their enquiry.

Mobile - Authorise Customers on the Move

For users on the move, smartphone apps provide an easy and convenient means to fulfil their needs.

Our apps allow content and personal data such as security answers and details, or saved preferences to be stored securely and transmitted when required.

EckohID&V Datasheet

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Seamless Integration With Customer Automation Services

We can seamlessly integrate the service with our other products to provide a complete end-to-end solution. For example:


Directs the caller to the correct department, location or person using intelligent speech recognition.


Enables secure card payments for goods or services over the phone.