Natural Language Speech Recognition

If you replace long phone menus with a simple 'How can I help you?' — customers get answers in seconds

Want to Celebrate the End of Phone Menus?

Do callers dread your menu system? The larger your company, the more lengthy and extravagant these menus tend to be. Sometimes menus take customers up to 10 minutes to get to the right destination. So it’s little wonder if customers are irritated by the time they speaks to an agent.

But what can you do? Your menus are there for a good reason. Other than giving them a good prune, what other way can help your customers quickly navigate their way through your menu trees?

But here’s the goods news: Now you customers can cut through — in seconds.

EckohASSIST Means No Menu, Zero Stress

Using the most advanced speech technologies, Eckoh has created a conversational IVR service called EckohASSIST. This greets callers through with a simple 'how can I help you?'

When the customer responds, EckohASSIST acts like an automatic switchboard and routes them directly. Callers can now take control of their interactions. All menus are gone. It's a huge relief for your customers who will thank you for making their time with you as straightforward as possible.

Before EckohASSIST

Customers have to navigate layers of menu trees - in some cases, taking up to 15 minutes to get to their destination.

Natural Language before

After EckohASSIST

Customers are taken immediately to where they want to go, routed to an agent, or a payment IVR for example.

Natural Language after

Achieve 99% Success — With a Hidden Agent

The success of EckohASSIST comes arises its artificial intelligence and ability to constantly learn new words and phrases.

Initially, hidden human agent helps out. When the caller speaks, if there is any doubt about their enquiry, the audio is streamed to the ‘hidden agent’ who intervenes and directs the call. As far as the caller is concerned, this all happens automatically as the agent never speaks to them. The agent can manage multiple calls in this way - all within the same time it would take to speak directly to the caller.

Eventually the system gets to a point where it has learned enough to no longer need hidden agent support.

Natural Language Speech Recognition Features

  • Flexible design tailored to your organisation
  • Built on Nuance Technology
  • Can be applied in over 80 languages
  • Can be applied across every dialog in the speech application, drastically improving recognition accuracy
  • Hidden agent can improve the accuracy rate to 99%

Natural Language Speech Recognition Benefits

  • Faster customer resolution
  • Higher IVR use, shorter call lengths
  • Added personalisation
  • Callers receive a dramatically faster service
  • Reduced customer re-direction
  • Zero frustration for your customers

EckohASSIST Brochure

If you'd like to know more about how EckohASSIST can help you, download the brochure or contact us directly.