Agent Desktop

Don't let your legacy desktop hold you back. Arm your agents with powerful tools to enrich the customer experience and save money

Reduce the Myriad of Screens Your Agents Manage into One Single Portal

The relationship between the customer and your agent is the heart of customer experience — and the hub of this engagement is the contact centre agent desktop.

Giving your agents the right tools to manage this relationship can save time, money and improve the customer experience. Social media response capabilities, centralised knowledge management and other tools can make a world of difference— and help you to keep pace with rising customer expectations. But, so often, legacy desktops can be difficult to adapt and need to be supported by lots of other applications open on the agent’s desktop.

So how can you give your team what they really need? Coral Universal Agent Desktop provides the answer.

Coral Universal Agent Desktop

Coral is a unified communications solution that can be utilised across shared agent desktop platforms, applications, CTI and multiple CRM products.

Coral leverages existing CTI and contact centre investments – including Genesys,Avaya, Aspect and Cisco CTI solutions – to deliver a simple, highly flexible, yet powerful agent desktop solution. It's ideal for enterprise or outsourced contact centres and for multi-tenanted and hosted solutions.

With Coral Universal Agent Desktop, you can customise each tenant or agent group, applying different toolsets, layouts, styles and security.

Agent Desktop: A Unique Solution

Built on a foundation of cloud and web technologies, Coral Active Agent Desktop integrates with CTI, ACD and CRM products from multiple vendors to deliver a simple, highly flexible, yet powerful omni-channel desktop.

The solution provides a unified interface and view across all systems that agents interact with every day. It allows you to manage all administration centrally, with instant rollout and high stability across thousands of agents.

Coral Active Agent Desktop is a zero-client desktop, 100% browser based, with no software to install at the agent's seat. It’s scalable, quick to deploy, simple to maintain and so easy to change.

Agent Desktop: Business Benefits

  • Vendor agnostic – Our solution is ideal where a common agent desktop is required across multiple platforms, such as Genesys, Avaya, Cisco and others
  • Flexibility – It removes dependencies from existing manufacturers and the associated professional services and ongoing support charges
  • Rapid deployment – You can connect thousands of agents, typically within two months
  • HTML 5 technology – Changes can be made within hours, whereas a typical thick client could take several months for even simple changes
  • Simple and scalable – Benefit from an infinitely scalable solution with a single interface for voice-video-email-chat

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