Discover exciting, cost-effective ways to add powerful new tools and features — and get more from your existing contact centre infrastructure

Powerful, Vendor-Agnostic Solutions are Within Easy Reach

Do you want to add leading-edge functionality to your existing contact centre — improving the customer experience, saving money and increasing your return on investment?

Organisations the world over are discovering they no longer need to replace their infrastructure if they want to innovate. Instead, hand-picked solutions can breathe new life into older systems and deliver dramatic benefits.

Suddenly, long-running business issues are solved, your teams get the tools they need and your customers notice the improvements.


Productivity Solutions

Eckoh’s suite of productivity solutions will work with your existing platform and deliver radical business improvements. You can enhance the way you handle calls, extract recordings, equip your agents, monitor social media and interact with customers. Our solutions deliver major benefits and we’ve made everything refreshingly simple, fast to deploy and easy to adapt — no matter what technology you use today.

Intelligent Call-Routing

Now it’s easy to control where and how your inbound calls are answered, so you can improve customer service and reduce call abandonment. EckohROUTE is an intelligent call-routing solution that builds business logic into your call routing, so you can make best use of your resources and customers can get a faster and more efficient call resolution.

Intelligent Call-Routing Benefits

  • Gain full control of how you want your calls to be answered
  • Ensure accurate call routing to the correct destination and make sure calls are answered every time
  • Analyse and fine tune performance, using detailed reporting plans

Call Recording Extraction

Does your contact centre have thousands of calls stored on magnetic tape? Can you guarantee compliance in the way you record, store and retrieve customer calls? Now you can be certain, thanks to trustworthy, fast-to-deploy call recording extraction services that can save time, money, stress – and your reputation.

Call Recording Extraction Benefits

  • Extract all calls and meta data from tape easily
  • Compress and sign files to give you the confidence to destroy tapes
  • Automate tape drives, GUI and the extraction process
  • Vendor agnostic and works with all major call recording software such as NICE, Verint and RedBox

Agent Desktop

How can you give your agents the tools they really need to provide customers with a world-class service? Don't let your legacy desktop hold you back. Arm your agents with powerful tools to enrich the customer experience and save money with a zero-client desktop that's 100% browser based, fast to deploy and easy to adapt.

Agent Desktop Benefits

  • Connect thousands of agents quickly to a powerful solution with a single interface for voice-video-email-chat
  • Ideal where a common agent desktop is required across multiple platforms, such as Genesys, Avaya and Cisco
  • Remove dependencies from existing manufacturers, associated professional services and support charges
  • Make any changes rapidly. This solution is 100% browser based and uses HTML 5

Knowledge Base

Enable your agents to provide customers with accurate answers, faster using Knowledge Base. It links your company’s existing knowledge base with your website. Your agents simply choose the best answer from your knowledge base and push it to the customer in a few clicks. It's all on the same screen, our agent console.

Knowledge Base Benefits

  • Raise customer satisfaction levels by responding faster
  • Improve consistency in how you handle enquiries
  • Save time and hassle for your agents
  • Make the most of your existing knowledge assets

Social Media Monitoring

Surprise and delight customers by the speed at which you respond to their tweets and posts. Social Agent is fully integrated into Facebook and Twitter, so you can see exactly what's happening across your social media profiles — and then take action.

Social Media Monitoring Benefits

  • Manage social media channels and emails more effectively.
  • Impress customers with lightning-fast responses
  • Improve service levels, demonstrate you're accessible and care
  • Turn around poor perceptions quickly and achieve positive outcomes


Give your agents the information they need to resolve customer cases quickly. Workflow from Eckoh helps you to deliver a better, end-to-end customer experience. You can improve how you answer customer questions, build and automatically handle case files, manage workflow, and ultimately conclude any queries or complaints faster and more efficiently.

Workflow Benefits

  • Deliver a better response to customer enquiries and complaints
  • Equip your agents with the tools and information they need in one place
  • Boost customer satisfaction levels
  • Reduce the time and cost needed to resolve disputes

Email Management

Do you ever miss customer emails – or respond too slowly? Email Management from Eckoh enables you to prioritise emails and web forms, deal with the most important ones faster, route them to the right people in your team and make sure that no customer ever gets forgotten.

Email Management Benefits

  • Never miss an email – or respond too slowly
  • Enable your agents to handle inbound emails and web forms in real time
  • Assign priorities based on pre-set rules, so you deal with important emails faster
  • Allows skills-based routing of emails to departments or individuals for a quicker response