Intelligent Call Routing

Gain complete control of how and where inbound calls are delivered to fit your business needs.

Take Control of your Business Call-Routing

Are your current call handling processes too complex? Is it taking too long to reach the right person who can resolve the call? Is there too much manual intervention? Are messages lost in the system?

EckohROUTE is an intelligent call-routing solution that gives you complete control of how and where inbound calls are delivered.

The system routes inbound calls to contact centres, departments, outlets or branches based on business rules, intelligent call routing plans and configurable parameters that you can define. All calls are delivered to the relevant destination in line with your business needs and answered no matter how unpredictable the circumstances.

By building business logic into your call routing, you can make best use of your resources. And customers can reach the most appropriate person/IVR for a faster and more efficient call resolution.


EckohROUTE Puts You in Control

Now it’s easy to control where and how your calls are answered, so you can improve customer service and reduce call abandonment.

EckohROUTE provides real-time detailed performance reporting, via a simple and secure administration web portal. Our solution also includes logical grouping for multiple inbound numbers.

EckohROUTE Benefits

  • Allows full control of how you want your calls to be answered
  • Ensures accurate call routing to the correct destination and answered every time
  • Detailed reporting plans enable you to analyse performance

How our Call Routing Works

Each inbound telephone number has associated call routing and dialogue flows that are specific to your business. This can begin with a simple greeting before routing the call to the prescribed destination or automated self-service IVR.

Any business requirement to change the routing for multiple numbers need only be applied once rather than individually. Conversely, individual numbers can be quickly and instantly moved from one group to another at the click of a button.

Access EckohROUTE with Ease

Administering EckohROUTE is made simple through a secure, web tool. The tool’s simple framework enables complete control of your call routing and dialogue flows.