Knowledge Base - Internal

Enable your agents to provide customers with accurate answers, faster

Give Your Agents the Information They Need at Their Fingertips

Customers have high expectations. They expect your agents to know everything — and be able to tell them instantly.

But how can you ensure your responses are consistent, professional and accurate every time, regardless of the experience of each agent and their knowledge of your business?

Fail at this — and customers may walk away frustrated and lose confidence in your service.

Knowledge Base

Empower Your Agents with Customer Answers

Your agents can deliver a better customer experience if they have immediate access to the right answers and are able to share them instantly. Getting everything onto one console is key — so the right response can be pushed into customer conversations in a few clicks.

Knowledge Base meets these needs. It’s an innovative plug-in that's available thanks to our partnership with Transversal, one of the world's leading knowledge solution providers.

How Knowledge Base Works

Put simply, Knowledge Base links your company’s existing knowledge base with your website and integrates seamlessly with our other services, such as Chat. That means your agents don't need to switch between systems to find answers for customers. They choose the best answer from your knowledge base and push it to the customer in a few clicks. It's all on the same screen, our agent console.

Key Benefits

  • Raise customer satisfaction levels by responding faster
  • Improve consistency in how you handle enquiries
  • Save time and hassle for your agents
  • Make the most of your existing knowledge assets

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