Third Party Support

Are you tired of being told that vendor support is coming to an end or about to get expensive? If so, then it's time to take back control.

Let’s Stop End of Life from Meaning End of Support

You can't blame systems vendors from focusing on the sale of new licenses, new releases or upgrades. Many want to drive up revenue to recoup their investment in the latest generation of technology. Making platforms or applications end-of-life, removing support or asking for significant premiums is all part of their strategy.

But your business goals and timeframes are different. It's likely you want to focus on maximising the return on investment in your systems. That way, you can use your budget for other areas, such as the explosion of investment in new customer channels such as social media.

So who makes the rules on when systems are end of life... you or the vendor? With Eckoh, you can take back control.

Third Party Support

Getting Frustrated? You’re Not Alone

Being pushed into going to the “next” version?

  • Surprised by spiraling maintenance and support costs?
  • Not getting the level of service/interest you once did?
  • Having to consider a complete 'fork lift' replacement the business cannot afford?
  • Under pressure to spend money with no real benefit?
  • Being told by the vendor “Upgrading is the only option”?

Eckoh can take away your frustration. We are unique in being able to provide expert third party support for platforms and applications – regardless of who created them.

Our focus is on flexible but wide-ranging solutions. Our expert and attentive staff deliver a quality support package to every customer, which is one of many reasons why we are so highly trusted in the market.

The Real Alternative from Eckoh

We can provide expert, ultra responsive, 24x7x365 support that will save you money. We have large teams that specialise in:

  • Desktop
  • Recording
  • Monitoring
  • IVR
  • Speech Applications
  • CTI
  • Dialers
  • ACD
  • PBX

Your Support Resources

Our Essential Support Services

See exactly how our support takes away frustration, saves you time and reduces cost.

Third Party Support Guide

Your essential guide to third-party support services for contact center technologies

Our Managed Service Offering

Hundreds of major companies rely on us to provide World class support and service every day.

Avaya Support

Been told that vendor support is coming to an end for your Avaya infrastructure? Don’t worry, there’s an alternative — ultra-responsive, expert support from Eckoh. And it could save you 30-40%.

Aspect Support

Are you unable to get continued vendor support for your legacy Aspect® systems? Don't worry, Eckoh can help. Our professional support could also save you 30-40%.

Convergys Support

Do you want to make the most of your Convergys platform —even if the vendor says your platform is end of life? Eckoh can help. And our expert support could save you 30-50%.

NICE Support

If your vendor declares your technology to be end of life, don't despair. Eckoh can provide world-class third party support to save you money and provide an exceptional level of service.

Nortel MPS Support

End of vendor support for Nortel MPS doesn't mean you have to upgrade. With Eckoh, you can benefit from world-class support, get more from your investment and save money.

Nuance Support

Keep benefiting from your Nuance TTS system — long after official support has ended. Eckoh can provide ongoing expert support that saves you 30-40%.

Tier Support

Keep using your Tier system, even when official support ends. You can get better support than you've experienced before, while reducing your total cost of ownership dramatically.

Verint Support

Would you rather optimise your Verint system — and get quality ongoing support — rather than having the expense and hassle of upgrading? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

VoiceGenie Support

Even when a vendor says your system is “end of life”, you can keep going. We can provide expert support so can continue to benefit from your VoiceGenie system and save money.


How can you overcome the complex challenges of removing old infrastructure without the risk of unexpected disruption and costs? Eckoh has the right answers.