Aspect Support

Are you unable to get continued vendor support for your legacy Aspect® systems? Don't worry, Eckoh can help. Our professional support could also save you 30-40%.

End of Life Doesn’t Mean the End for Your Aspect Support

Have you been impacted by changes at Aspect? Like many other vendors, they want to take their existing customers on a journey from on-premise diallers and workforce solutions to the cloud.

Eckoh believes that the timing and decision to start that journey belongs with the customer vs. the vendor agenda. As a result, many organisations with Aspect legacy systems have been left unsupported or get limited resources given the new support model.

With this uncertainty, as well as common drivers for migration to a new platform, it's no wonder that many Aspect customers feel forced into upgrading their contact centre solutions.

Aspect Support

Get Expert Eckoh Aspect® Support

Do you want first-class support and ready access to expertise in legacy Aspect IVR, Aspect Diallers and Aspect ACD, Aspect WFM and Aspect Unified IP? Eckoh can provide you with a cost-effective alternative that brings you experienced resources - along with proven support skills.

Many Aspect solutions still work well and deliver value. With Eckoh third-party support, you can extend the life of these solutions — until the time is right for you to upgrade. You can also save money!

It's Time to Say 'No' To:

  • Feeling pressured into the “next” version
  • Spiralling maintenance and support costs
  • Inferior service levels
  • Costly “fork lift” solution replacements
  • Being told “upgrading is the only option”, when Eckoh can offer an excellent, cost-effective alternative

Aspect® IVR

Version 6 of the Aspect IVR has been designated 'end of life'. But we can still support this traditional TDM-based solution, for as long as you need, with replacement Dialogic cards and standard internal servers.

Eckoh also offers deRisk, an application development framework for converting legacy applications to VXML. This reduces risk, saves time and lowers the cost of an upgrade down the line. As a result, you can upgrade when you want and get Eckoh Aspect support in the meantime.

Aspect® ACD

Aspect no longer supports the older TDM ACDs, having moved from TDM to IP-based solutions. But perhaps, like many other enterprises, you want to keep using the legacy ACD solution to avoid the high costs of a replacement, but you need continued support?

With Eckoh Aspect Support Services, you get direct access to our own expert technicians and engineers. You won't get caught for hours in multiple tiers of support before anyone understands your problems properly. We can diagnose, debug and fix any issues you face — and answer your questions.

Our highly-experienced team works around the clock. We can access your equipment, network, and servers to resolve any issues. When required, we can be on-site too — within four hours as standard.

Aspect® Dialler

One of the challenges in relying on Aspect support is that while Aspect has over 25% of the dialler market, this is made up of a combination of four or five dialler companies that Aspect has acquired. Older versions of the Aspect dialler are basically rebrands of these acquisitions. Many Aspect customers were encouraged to upgrade to the most recent version, Unified IP. Those customers choosing not to migrate created a challenge of securing quality support for the four disparate and legacy solutions created from different technology vendors. Eckoh has stepped up to that challenge with its third-party Aspect support.

The Aspect® dialler has proved to be a robust and resilient product that many organisations are keen to continue to use. Eckoh is able to support this and the applications developed in legacy Generation or Architect products.

Aspect® WFM

Managing your customer service operations, leveraging the insight and data from your Aspect WFM solution is critical to help you manage the peaks and valleys of calls, contacts and work in your contact centre. Like the other platforms, a move to the next release or cloud platform of the tool should be your decision, on your timeline. Maintaining a robust WFM is critical in supporting the operation of your contact centre – happy customers and happy agents go hand-in-hand.

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