Avaya Support

Been told that vendor support is coming to an end for your Avaya infrastructure? Don’t worry, there’s an alternative — ultra-responsive, expert support from Eckoh. And it could save you 30-40%.

End of Life Doesn’t Mean End of Avaya Support

Many organisations have stuck with trusted, older communications systems, including Avaya and Nortel infrastructure, to stay competitive in the marketplace and maintain high levels of business performance. Given the importance of these systems, it’s vital to keep them operating.

However, when manufacturers end support for their systems, initially it looks like a costly problem. But it does not need to mean end of life. Eckoh’s experts can support your legacy contact centre technology into the future.

Avaya Support

Eckoh Avaya Support – A Real Alternative

Eckoh can help by providing a third party support solution that provides better support and reduces your total cost of ownership.

We provide 24 x 7 x 365 support for IVR products such as IR and AVP, and legacy IVR products from Nortel and Conversant, as well as Avaya switches and CTI components. We build VoiceXML applications for deployment on IVR systems, and assist with migration to or from solutions.

Eckoh’s media gateway FlexxGate has been tested rigorously with Avaya solutions, giving you reassurance that your deployment will be tightly integrated and seamless. Today Eckoh customers are using FlexxGate to convert H.323 to SIP, T1 and E1 to VoIP, and integrate non-Avaya IVR platforms to Avaya IP switches.

With certified support engineers, and a very close working relationship with Avaya, Eckoh is able to support and advise on a wide range of support solutions. Our aim is to help you get the best out of your solution, whatever your needs:

  • Maintaining legacy products and optimising their performance
  • Providing expertise to migrate to VoiceXML, SIP or other technologies without compromising day-to-day operations
  • Advising on products and alternatives, as an independent third party expert

Support Saves You from Frustration

  • Being pushed into going to the “next” version
  • Being surprised by spiralling maintenance & support costs
  • Not getting the level of service/interest you once did
  • Having to consider a complete “fork lift” replacement the business cannot afford
  • Being told by the vendor, “Upgrading is the only option”, when there is a real alternative from Eckoh

99% Customer Retention

...and no-one has ever gone back to their original provider.

Independent Avaya Support From Experts

Some of the world’s largest organisations trust Eckoh to provide Avaya support for their equipment and work with them on their technology roadmap.

We provide a Support solution that provides good long-term value that is clearly defined and easily understood.

In 12 years of providing our support service, none of our clients have switched back to their original provider.

Find out more in the Avaya Support guide download

Eckoh Support Includes

  • 24 x 7 x 365 as standard
  • All calls answered by skilled engineers
  • Every case treated as a Level 1 priority
  • Proactive monitoring to detect issues
  • Six-monthly preventative on-site visits

Not only can you feel confident about your ongoing support — but cost savings with Eckoh are typically 30-40%.

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