How can you overcome the complex challenges of removing old infrastructure without the risk of unexpected disruption and costs? Eckoh has the right answers.

Contact Centre Decommissioning: Trouble Ahead?

Are you about to face the challenge of decommissioning older contact centre technology? Perhaps you've taken your infrastructure as far as it'll go — and you need its safe removal without unexpected costs and impact on your day-to-day business.

Decommissioning is an extremely complex process that can be fraught with problems because of the volume and variety of technology used in daily operation. From the networking and communication equipment, through power, storage, racks, cabling, and more, the task of contact centre decommissioning is far from trivial.

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Preparation and Experience is Key

Eckoh provides world-class third party support for contact centre equipment and extends the life of key systems well beyond the manufacturer’s support. But there is a limit. Eventually, there will come a time when you have to change technology and remove old infrastructure, especially as space is at a premium. When it comes to decommissioning, we’re experts.

Contact centre decommissioning of equipment requires the same exacting degree of preparation as new installations, so there’s no interruption to the service, or impact on live equipment and cabling.

Eckoh has the expertise and experience to deliver a professional and perfectly executed contact centre decommissioning program for your organisation, regardless of the technology being removed. Our project management team will work with you in the planning stages, bringing you the benefit of Eckoh experience of dozens of contact centre decommissioning projects.

Contact Centre Decommissioning: The Benefits of Eckoh

With our help, you can benefit from:

  • Reduced costs
  • Time savings by working with a single trusted supplier
  • Improved security when loading, transferring, wiping and archiving sensitive business data
  • Minimal business disruption during complex IT projects to ensure project success
  • Value adding IT recovery options such as IT reuse, IT refurbishment, IT parts recovery

Our Decommissioning Service Gives You More

Our skilled decommissioning experts provide:

  • On-site planning meetings with your staff
  • Site audits to provide accurate estimates
  • A project plan agreed by both parties
  • A statement of work documenting the task to be carried out
  • Project Management and co-ordination of multiple suppliers
  • Further tasks such as data cleansing, waste transfer certificates, transport and storage
  • Disposal of equipment carried out through qualified and authorised channels
  • Risk assessment
  • Meeting all health and safety standards

Contact Centre Decommissioning: Meeting All Your Needs

Eckoh can handle all aspects of your contact centre decommissioning, no matter the complexity or scale of your project. We have certified partners for compliance disposal and everything is managed by our experts, who carry out on-site and remote work in a highly professional manner.

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