Nortel MPS Support

End of vendor support for Nortel MPS doesn't mean you have to upgrade. With Eckoh, you can benefit from world-class support, get more from your investment and save money.

End of Life Doesn’t Mean End of Nortel MPS Support

Many organisations are still getting value from older communications systems, including Nortel MPS and Avaya infrastructure. These legacy systems are helping them to stay competitive and maintain high levels of business performance.

But the end of vendor support can raise major questions for organisations: Why should we upgrade when we're not ready? Is it possible to carry on and keep our systems stable and reliable? What are the costs and risks of either option?

When manufacturers end support for their systems, initially it looks like a costly problem that can be disruptive. But Eckoh can provide a cost-effective alternative.

Nortel Support

Nortel MPS Support: Save Time and Money

Eckoh is an accredited Full Service Nortel MPS 500 IVR systems specialist and an accredited Nortel MPS 1000 Service Assist. We can support complete IVR and voice portal solutions, based on the Nortel MPS Support platform, including system design, application development, integration, installation, and ongoing technical support and maintenance.

Eckoh supports Nortel PBX systems Meridian and BCM; IVR systems VPS, VPS/is, MPS 500, MPS 1000; and CTI systems Symposium and CCT.

We can tailor the right package for you: The MPS Support for Nortel IVR, support and maintenance you need to save time and money.

Eckoh Provides an Alternative Approach

Unlike technology vendors, Eckoh occupies a unique position in supporting both platforms and applications throughout the enterprise, regardless of the manufacturer. Eckoh not only helps you fix problems with your systems, we also take the lead in resolving issues with integrated components, such as Web Services/CTI/PBX.

Whether it’s your IVR, ACD, Dialer or Call Recorder, we can provide the support you need. You can keep up with the latest innovation — with no shortage of IT resources.

Eckoh provides IVR support that sustains extends and enhances the life of platforms and applications. Let us show you that “end of Life” does not equal “end of operational value”. You don’t have to rip out the entire systems because they are outdated or seem too complex or too big to remedy.

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