Verint Support

Would you rather optimise your Verint system — and get quality ongoing support — rather than having the expense and hassle of upgrading? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Verint Support: End of Life Doesn’t Mean End of Support

Stable, reliable and optimised systems from Verint and other manufacturers are essential for organisations that want to stay competitive in the marketplace and maintain high levels of business performance.

But what happens when your vendor announces that official support is ending? Suddenly, businesses face cost, risk, disruption and uncertainty.

With Eckoh, you can find a way through —by keeping your Verint system working and optimised, long after vendor support has ceased.

Verint Support

We Focus on Your Goals and Timelines

Many organisations find their suppliers are more focused on selling new licenses or upgrades, rather than supporting their existing technology. But, over the years, Eckoh has helped many of our clients to break out of the expensive upgrade cycle — and get a better outcome, by optimising and supporting the systems they have.

Our focus is on providing flexible, wide-ranging support solutions that live up to their promises. Our expert and attentive staff deliver a quality Verint support package to each customer, meeting and exceeding their expectations.

Customers Value What We Offer

No-one that has come to Eckoh for support has ever gone back to their original provider. As well as providing excellent support, we typically enable our clients to save 30-40%.

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