For the first time in history, consumers have better technology than the enterprises that serve them. Now we’ve found a way for companies with complex to keep up to date without it becoming a massive headache.

When an Expensive New System Becomes Obsolete … Overnight

In recent years, have you been looking for cheaper and more efficient ways to serve your customers? Solution providers have been quick to meet this need by adding low-cost options to create new revenue streams to retain their customers and attract new business.

Cloud hosting and multimedia channels are clear examples in the contact centre innovation space. In fact, almost every major vendor is now offering these, ousting or acquiring the niche players.

The consequences are significant. Any new technology you buy or deploy today is more likely to be obsolete before it’s even switched on. Getting rid of stable legacy systems could be a mistake before you understand and plan for the future.


Consumer Spending Outstrips Enterprises

Fortunately, Eckoh has found a way to overcome these challenges. Our account management approach is focused on the quality of service you achieve, adding innovation to what you have already.

Changes to customer technology and behaviour are creating the need to radically rethink your strategy now and look for ways to incorporate contact centre innovation. Consumers have much better technology than the enterprise that serve them. Companies need to keep pace. So how is that possible?

Deliver Innovation and Save Money

Many organisations find their suppliers are more focused on selling new licenses or upgrades rather than supporting their existing systems. Over the years we have helped customers facing this attitude from their existing suppliers.

At Eckoh, we fundamentally believe that quality of service is significantly more important than the number of licenses sold. We've enabled our customers to deliver contact centre innovation to save money and transition pain. It's worked and we'd love to tell you more.

Innovation: The Best Way Forward

If you cannot match customer spending power in terms greater functionality — which is the case for everyone — you may have to set a different goal for the operation of some core platforms.

Manufacturers may now be limited in the value they can add. And the practice of using expensive upgrades to lock in customers for the long term will rapidly become less practical and attractive. Going forwards, you'll need a stable system that allows you to plug in contact centre innovation rather than trying to upgrade everything, every time.

We have already seen the big players in technology open up their platforms to connect to other systems but this will go further. Contact centre innovation extending the life of functioning multimedia routing platforms that support chat and social interaction could become the only effective way to match the customer’s behaviour.

Reducing the costs of running existing systems by moving to third party support and focusing spend on contact centre innovation could be a key way to give yourself the edge.

Your Resources for Contact Centre Innovation

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