Skilled Resources

Facing a shortage of contact centre professionals? With Eckoh, you can get the skills you need to satisfy rising customer expectations and protect future revenues, while avoiding significant costs and unsuitable outsourcing deals.

Sourcing Contact Centre Staff is a Major Challenge

Do you have the contact centre staff with necessary skills to ensure your business is still successful in 18 months? It’s a question that senior executives ask themselves continually – and make plans accordingly.

They can see down the tracks and there’s usually a helpful ‘buffer’ of time to get prepared and train or hire the right contact centre staff. But what happens when there’s no buffer at all? That’s the scenario now facing companies with their own contact centres. It’s come about through a perfect storm.

Skilled Resources

What's Fuelling the Demand for Skilled Staff?

Finding skilled contact centre professionals and then keeping them trained and retained has always been a challenge. But now there's a greater demand for their expertise:

  • Consumers have soaring expectations about the experience they deserve
  • New technology that can integrate voice calls, emails, web chat, social media and apps into a 24/7 unified experience – which many consumers now expect – piles the pressure on your contact centre staff
  • Vast quantities of expensive legacy call centre systems exist. Often, contact centre staff are not really sure how to maintain, optimise and integrate these systems effectively
  • Because of the pace of change and market forces, companies often need to innovate, integrate and maintain legacy systems all at the same time —with too few staff

What’s the Answer to Finding the Right Contact Centre Staff?

A new e-guide from Eckoh highlights six areas within contact centres where problems caused by skills shortages are most acute, triggering soaring costs and lost revenues. But it also reveals 10 ways to solve problems with the right kind of contact centre staff and support.

The Resources Guide is a must-read for any companies that realise that future revenues hinge on satisfying their customers, but who want to avoid racking up huge costs from quick-fix contractors, or locking themselves into vague outsourcing deals.

Get your copy of the Eckoh Resources Guide here

The Cost-Effective Way to Get the Best Professionals

Eckoh can help you to free up trusted contact centre staff within your business. The Eckoh approach of supporting BAU platforms or applications through third party support, and migrating customers from older platforms at their preferred pace, has proved highly effective. In addition, we also provide complete or partial managed services that are customised to each client’s needs, as well as delivering innovative technology to solve business pain.

Eckoh resources can relieve pressure on your staff in many ways, including;

  • Managing BAU operations – Such as moves, adds and changes
  • Delivering upgrades and migrations across a wide range of technologies (such as Desktop, IVR, CTI – from Genesys, Avaya and others)
  • Providing contact centre staff that are focused on the gaps between technologies and supplier expertise
  • Providing experts and specialists for short-term engagements
  • Providing analysts for discovery and requirements capture – ensuring that requirements capture and other discovery and planning tasks do not impact business as usual
  • Independent research, response and writing through to managing the complete RFP process
  • Providing contact centre experts on specific technologies and customer experience modelling to simplify business processes
  • UAT and project audit resources – Providing the additional resources necessary to ensure the integrity of your UAT
  • Providing contact centre staff for specific projects – Rewriting or converting applications, documenting or updating existing workflows and call plans
  • Cloud migration resources – Specialists in blueprinting current infrastructure, rewriting applications, migration planning and risk management