Transition Tools

Blend new and existing contact centre technology together seamlessly saving time, cost and disruption. Eckoh gives you the freedom to overcome complexity and get the best from your older tech and latest capabilities.

We’ve Made Transition Faster, Simpler and More Cost-Effective

Do you want to avoid much of the pain involved in completing a contact centre transition?

Major changes can be complex, disruptive, stressful and overwhelming for everyone, from IT professionals to agents and customers. Delays downtime and costs can impact your business and reputation too.

Fortunately, Eckoh has fast-acting solutions that target the pain and provide cost-effective remedies in business-critical areas.


Want to enable almost any old and new solution to work together seamlessly, so you can add new capabilities without unexpected disruption, costs and risks? Eckoh has the answer. We've developed FlexxBridge, the 'Swiss Army Knife' of telephony integration for the contact centre.

Benefits of FlexxBridge

  • Ease every transition: Save time, reduce cost and minimise risk
  • Allow your older IVR applications to integrate to web services without having to rework the applications
  • Provide a common back-end integration point for CTI applications
  • Modular and extensible architecture allows FlexxBridge to evolve as the surrounding environment changes


How can you merge different telephony networks with different protocols? FlexxGate solves the issue by giving you an any-to-any, voice/video media gateway. Get an effective way to combine your old and new equipment. Transition at a pace that suits you, reducing cost, complexity and risk.

Benefits of FlexxGate

  • Move to IP without major changes so your developers can spend more time on end-user IP application development
  • Reap the benefits of VoIP with low up-front costs
  • Get a low-maintenance solution that can be installed and configured easily
  • Systems are pre-installed and configured to meet your unique requirements


Do you want to take advantage of the latest speech recognition technology with added security features without having to upgrade your IVR platform? FlexxMRCP frees you from the shackles of vendor-specific APIs. As a result, you can leverage best-of-breed speech recognition and text-to-speech applications.

Benefits of FlexxMRCP

  • Take advantage of the latest speech recognition technology with added security
  • Avoid complex and expensive IVR upgrades
  • Achieve shortened call times, increased customer satisfaction and enhanced automation
  • Simple configuration management
  • Interfaces for all leading speech vendors


Would you like to be able to detect and see how to fix any emerging contact centre problems — long before they have a chance to impact your customers? Flexxview will monitors components across the entire range of racks, applications, servers and gateways. Whenever issues are uncovered, Flexxview will quickly identify the component and the problem.

Benefits of FlexxView

  • Stay one step ahead of any issues that could impact customer service
  • View an aggregation of systems, O/S, applications and health of your entire environment
  • Proven Cloud option also available
  • Get complete peace of mind that Eckoh is always standing behind you and your environment