How can you merge different telephony networks with different protocols? FlexxGate solves the issue by giving you an any-to-any, voice/video media gateway.

Transition in the Way that Best Suits You

In today’s fast-moving business world, mergers, acquisitions and re-organisations are commonplace. Offices opening, closing or relocating are all part of managing a modern business. The number of media channels continues to grow — and the way companies have to handle their customers is ever more complicated.

But how do you react when faced with major change? Do you throw out your existing technology and incur the associated risks and costs?

Now it's possible to find an effective way to combine your old and new equipment. You can transition at a pace that suits you, reducing cost, complexity and risk in the process.


FlexxGate: Business Benefits

FlexxGate media gateway is a self-contained unit that enables enterprises to interface a traditional PSTN connection or with a PBX to the IP networks that are increasing today. You can benefit from swift, cost-effective deployment and the ability to move to an IP network without having to make major changes to your existing infrastructure.

Swift and Cost-Effective – FlexxGate is exceptionally well suited for enterprises that require a low-cost, low-maintenance solution that can be installed and configured easily to help them reap the benefits of VoIP with low up-front costs.

Moving to IP without Major Changes – FlexxGate also allows developers to focus on high-level end-user IP application development rather than on low-level media gateway application development.

Flexx means Flexible – No two deployments are exactly the same. That’s why FlexxGate™ is not the typical, standard, off-the-shelf product. Instead, you get delivered systems pre-installed and configured to meet your unique deployment requirements.

When Requirements Change, FlexxGate Excels

FlexxGate ™ helps you to adapt swiftly when gateway requirements change. Its flexible architecture allows for support to be quickly added for additional protocols (standard or proprietary) and any features needed. Custom extensions can be added at any time.

Additionally, FlexxGate™ systems can be deployed in multiple-server configurations to support higher capacities and high availability requirements.