Detect, identify and see how to fix any emerging contact centre problems — long before they have a chance to impact your customers.

When Issues Arise, You Need a Rapid Response

Contact centre solutions with voice recognition are complex — because their multiple applications and connections all rely on each other. Any downtime can infuriate customers who cannot talk to agents when they want.

System monitoring software is available but this usually fails to locate and identify problems, which can lead to longer resolution times and the knock-on impact of creating potentially damaging customer service issues. But now there's a more effective answer.


Flexxview: Giving You a Reliable Safety Net

Flexxview Monitoring & Alerting allows proactive real-time monitoring of systems under contract with Eckoh.

We developed Flexxview to constantly monitor and record the performance of systems over time, building an accurate profile of operating parameters. It acts as a safety net by detecting any changes in the patterns of performance and alerts you to any potential effect — as well as providing help to locate the affected area and find possible resolutions, before service is impacted.

Flexxview monitors each component across the entire range of racks, applications, servers and gateways. Whenever issues are uncovered, Flexxview will quickly identify the component and the problem.

The Flexxview solution reduces the MTTR Mean Time To Repair as in many cases the proactive monitoring highlights issues that can be resolved without downtime.

Flexxview: Keep Your Customers from Seeing Red

With Flexxview, you're one step ahead of any issues that may arise:

  • Get the most from your systems, maximising ROI, while protecting customer service
  • View an aggregation of systems, O/S, applications and health of your entire environment with the installation of a ½ depth 1RU appliance
  • All information is stored at your site. There are no issues with PCI, SarbOx, Hippa, etc
  • Get the peace of mind that Eckoh is always standing behind you and your environment

Use Flexxview in the Cloud

It's possible for every interaction to be standardised and aggregated using our proven FlexxBridge in the Cloud technology, providing you with:

  • A single tool that provides consistent interface for rapid changes/additions
  • Fast, tight integration to all Eckoh APIs/capabilities
  • The ability for multiple employees within your enterprise to view/monitor a single corporate architecture