Alternative Payments

Step ahead of the competition with secure payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal over a telephone call.

Staying ahead of the payment game

Under pressure and wondering how to improve your customer experience? One certain way to do this is to let the customer pay using their preferred method. Now you can offer them a secure payment using Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal over a telephone call. These innovative methods are unique to Eckoh and provide a real boost to your contact centre and your customers.

Telephone payments by Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal will let you exceed your customers’ expectations and provide reassurance that their payment data is secure. Your agents can stay in contact with your customers throughout the transaction but are not exposed to the sensitive card data. For the first time, e-wallet payments can be made easily over the phone.

Alternative Payments

Added benefits:

Added security: The solutions are more secure than traditional telephone transactions because the payment is fully authenticated by the caller. So, you can be confident that the caller is who they say they are.

Faster payment: Using PayPal helps reduce call times as, on some transactions, a single click authenticates and confirms payment.

Alternative Payments Datasheet (View the Datasheet)

How Alternative Payments over the phone can help your contact centre:

  • Improve the consumer experience: Consumer expectations are moving faster than most enterprises when it comes to technology. They expect a seamless customer experience and they want to pay over the phone in the same way that they do online and in-store. By providing secure Alternative Payment Methods - Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal - you'll also be giving them greater choice, convenience and faster transactions.
  • Step ahead of the competition: These new payment methods are quick and easy to implement, so you can gain the advantage over your competitors and delight your customers at the same time.
  • Maintain data integrity: No card data is shared with any agent or contact centre system so the risk of fraud is significantly reduced; there is no data to mis-use or steal.
  • Innovative solutions unique to Eckoh: Eckoh's capabilities for taking Apple Pay and other alternative payments over telephone calls are subject to granted and pending patents.

Additional Solutions

Why not go a step further and look at our agent-assisted CallGuard, self-service EckohPAY or Live Chat Pay solutions to further enhance your customer experience?

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