Audio Tokenisation

Use tokens to de-value sensitive card data before it enters your contact centre and remove fraud risk entirely

Want to Stop Sensitive Card Data from Becoming a Target?

What happens when the card information arrives within your environment? Is it safe at every stage of its journey?

More than likely, it touches processes, systems and networks — as well as some of your contact centre employees — before it reaches the Payment Service Provider.

Every touch-point represents a risk. But how can you protect your organisation from being vulnerable to criminal activity? Now there's an answer.

Cost-Effective Audio Tokenisation for Telephone Payments

Audio Tokenisation is a revolutionary approach. It converts sensitive digits conveyed as DTMF, to non-sensitive placeholders, devaluing card data the moment it enters your environment. In our standard approach, the placeholders are spoken, as words (like “three”) to the agent, who type them directly into the same payment fields they use today.

Since agents use the same interfaces as they do today, with no change, Eckoh’s approach allows you to avoid complex IT and telephony projects. Implementation times are minimised as a result, as is the amount of time and effort your teams need to contribute to the de-scoping project.

Your payment processor receives exactly the same information as they do today, in the same format, following its proxied transmission through one of Eckoh’s secure hosted data centres. So you don’t need to change APIs, or make any changes with your payment processor.

Sensitive Card Data Cannot be Stolen if it isn't There!

Eckoh’s Audio Tokenisation solution:

  • Places a protective 'shield' around the contact centre
  • Requires no integration or changes to your networks or systems, saving costs
  • Stops sensitive cardholder data from entering your networks
  • Allows agents to continue to guide callers through the payment process
  • Replace actual card data with tokens and transmits through your organisation
  • Offers hosted or on-site options

Audio Tokenisation for Telephone Payments - How it Works

Audio Tokenisation

Audio Tokenisation: Key Benefits for You

Fast to Deploy

  • No required changes to back-end systems including databases, CRM, IVR, etc
  • No change is needed to the payment service provider (PSP)
  • Requires no integration with existing payment processes, IVRs or telephony
  • Minimised/eliminated need for PCI DSS Audit

Better Experience

  • Increases real and perceived security
  • No reputational or brand risk from agent fraud
  • Maintains or improves average handling time
  • The agent is on-hand throughout the process
  • Sensitive data cannot be overheard
  • Protection from identity and card data theft

Fits Your Environment

  • De-values card data at the point it enters your contact centre environment
  • De-couples technology from PCI DSS compliance
  • Ideal for multi-site, global contact centres or BPOs
  • All agents can take payments no matter where they are (contact centre or home-workers)