Web & Mobile Payments

Shield your organisation from receiving card data, without changing your systems or processes.

Want to Make Web and Mobile Payments Safe and Easy?

Do you want to give your customers the freedom and confidence to make convenient and secure payments over the web or via mobile apps?

Eliminating payment data from your network is the best way to ensure that sensitive cardholder information stays safe.

But how can you do this easily and cost-effectively — without getting bogged down with technical complexity? Read on for the answer.

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Secure Your Web or Mobile App Transactions

DataGuard from Eckoh stops your web channels and networks from collecting card data. It uses tokenisation to isolate cardholder data from payments made over the web, mobile apps and file transfers. That way, you’re never exposed to risk.

Become PCI DSS Compliant Quickly, Easily and Cost Effectively

With DataGuard, you can keep out card data without changing your existing systems or processes. DataGuard is straightforward to deploy, requiring no changes or integration with your existing systems or processes. This can save you time and cost.

How DataGuard Works

Web Payment Process

Keep Sensitive Customer Data out of Your Networks and Reduce the Risk of Fraud

Eliminating sensitive customer data from your network is the best way to ensure that it is made safe. By using DataGuard, you can keep various information completely out of your environment without changing anything to your existing systems or processes. Information such as:

  • Payment card data
  • National insurance number
  • Date of birth
  • Payment protection insurance
  • Account numbers
  • Email addresses

You Can't Steal Data if it Isn't There!

DataGuard gives you flexibility, today and tomorrow, to isolate cardholder data from payments made via:

  • Phone
  • Web
  • Mobile Apps

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DataGuard Uses Tokenisation

Eckoh's tokenisation technology automatically substitutes sensitive data with a non-sensitive 'token' when a details are typed in. Tokens look similar to the real numbers but have no intrinsic meaning or value. If stolen, this makes them totally worthless to criminals.

Historically, implementing tokenisation solutions to protect information and payments has been expensive for businesses. But our solution needs no integration with your existing business processes, giving you major cost advantages over other alternatives.

For payment data, the long number (PAN) on the front of the card and the three digit (CV2) code on the back is replaced with randomly-generated numbers. This makes them PCI DSS compliant.

The Tokenisation Process

Tokenisation process

DataGuard Brochure

Take a close look at how DataGuard can solve many of your business challenges in a way that’s fast, convenient and cost effective.