Smart Meter Payments

Enable your customers to pay their utility usage using any method, securely and efficiently

Is Your Business Equipped for Smart Meter Payments?

In line with the UK government's requirement to roll-out smart meters across the nation, by the end of 2020 these intelligent meters will be the norm, replacing the traditional energy meters of today. Designed with consumers in mind, smart meters will be able to guide your customers, improving control of their energy usage and bills.

Millions of smart meters have already been installed, but there are millions more to be introduced to households over the next few years. No doubt this is enough of a challenge for your organisation, never mind the hefty task of being able to support your entire customer experience changing.

smart meter

Catch Up or Risk Losing Your Customers

Intelligent functions of smart meters are expected to influence consumer switching power, energy usage and engagement channels. It is no dispute that energy providers who are not ready to fully embrace this smart technology, are at a massive danger of becoming disconnected with their customers.

Empowered with smart meters, many consumers will be able to check their energy consumption in real-time. Although this is always helpful to combat overspending, this will be no good if they can't make a payment or top-up in real-time using the latest channels - whether its paying using an app on their phone or just making a quick call.

Give Your Customers Choices

Secure Self-Service IVR

Enable customers to speak to agents over the phone as well as providing a 24/7 self-service IVR option. Customers can make instant, PCI compliant payments with full ID&V.

Responsive Web Page

Give your customers the option to make top-up payments securely on your website, using whichever internet-enabled device is at hand. We'll build it to match your website.

Mobile Apps

We can provide payment apps for Android mobiles and iPhones, including a fingerprint login option. The app stores card details securely, making future top-ups even faster.

Smart Meter Payment Features

  • Less hassle
    One supplier and one secure meter integration.
  • Technology ready
    Our apps are Android and iOS compatible, you can even enable TouchID for fingerprint logins.
  • Quick and proven
  • Eckoh have experience with customers in your industry, giving us the knowledge for a quick and accurate set-up.

Smart Meter Payment Benefits

  • 100% secure payments
    Nothing less than full level 1 PCI compliant payments across all channels
  • Improved customer experiences
    Multi-channel payment options provide easier ways to make repetitive payments
  • Reduced operational costs
    Providing quick ways to make payments will cut your repetitive calls and free up your agents for complex enquiries.