Is your knitting getting in the way of great CX?

Sometimes you just have to admit it. Something you bought a while ago that, at the time, had all the bells and whistles you wanted, is now not looking so new anymore. Perhaps there are patches covering gaps in the original product. Is it a bit frayed around the edges? The same could be true for your IVR.

In today's world of brand new mobile apps, popular social media channels and Live Chat, it's easy for your interactive voice response (IVR) system to get neglected and look a bit shabby.

But never forget that it remains the engine that drives your customer engagement so it’s role is critical. But it also needs to keep pace with today’s customer engagement preferences and expectations because CX today is the greatest differentiator between businesses so it’s time to smarten up your IVR, show it some love and turn it into something that customers will notice.

Is it perhaps time for an overhaul?
If you decide to overhaul your IVR, there are the obvious questions to consider:

  • Does your IVR reflect your services as they stand today?
  • Do customers sometimes get trapped in 'IVR hell?
  • Can the CX be streamlined for frequent users?
  • Recent innovations in IVR technology can change consumer reactions radically for the better and propel your business forwards, rather than hold it back.

    Five ways you can dramatically improve your IVR by showing it some love

    #1: Handle caller verification in seconds

    Lengthy caller identification is something people have learned to endure. However, you can remove this hurdle for your customers, thanks to ultra-fast automated verification systems that will also save valuable time for your agents.

    #2: Remove long phone menus ... forever
    Do your customers get sick of endless options? With Natural Speech Recognition, they can take control of their interactions, avoid frustration and get to the right place in seconds by simply saying exactly what they want and getting a result in moments.

    #3: Allow callers to self-serve, visually
    Many callers have smartphones, so why not give them the choice of selecting options on-screen while still interacting with your IVR? That way, they can see information on everything from order tracking to network coverage and bill details. Some information works so much better in words and pictures. Visual IVR makes this possible.

    #4: Satisfy people's thirst for information
    You don't have to limit the information your IVR can provide simply to prevent menus from getting too long. Vast amounts of basic information about products and services can be made available easily, 24x7x365, thanks to general enquiries enhancements for your IVR

    #5 Be radical: Get outside help
    It's possible to decrease customer wait times, boost satisfaction and save money at the same time. Find a partner with the experience and best practice know-how to help you with design and enable you to keep your IVR fresh and in touch with customers, using whatever new tools come along.

    It's crunch time for the IVR
    By 2020, the customer will manage 85% of the relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a person, according to Gartner.**How much of this will be down to your IVR depends on how much love you're willing to show it today. Reinventing your IVR doesn't mean you got it all wrong before it just means you're moving with the times.

    Why not try advanced IVR for yourself?
    Vue cinemas has been pioneering smarter IVR, which can anticipate and answer questions in an intelligent and diverse way. Get the back-story on their solution, which runs from Eckoh’s contact centre, or experience their IVR for yourself by calling 0345 308 4620 (UK).

    For deeper insight take a look at our eGuide ‘Self-Service finding the right balance of tools’. If you’d like to know more about our self-service customer engagement solutions give us a call on 08000 630 730 or drop us an email at


    *Harris Interactive

    ** Gartner: 360 Summit

    Posted by eckoh at 12:44 PM on Sep 10, 2018


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