Be ‘always open’ for anytime customer service and reduce costs at the same time

Customer Self-Service has been shown to reduce costs in contact centres by as much as 20%, and Chatbots could increase that to 30%. Isn’t it time you considered adding this option to your contact centre?

Letting your customers serve themselves may, initially, seem to be the complete opposite of delivering personalised, friendly and human customer service. But, in many cases it’s what the customer wants and what they expect. Some people just like sorting things out for themselves while others may want to make purchases out of office hours which agent-only service wouldn’t allow.In fact, buying via Self-Service has been shown to increase the revenue per user by as much as 18%.

Self-Service evolution

Increased labour costs and flattening, or even decreasing, ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), has seen organisations shift engagement from live agents to less-expensive automated channels. Initially, this was to provide basic, repetitive services to free up agent time and provide simple responses about customers’ accounts, opening times, deliveries and other routine information. However, consumers soon became highly proficient at interacting online and sorting out issues for themselves. This was helped by more intuitive user interfaces which transformed Self-Service into a powerful set of customer engagement capabilities.

If delivered correctly, everyone wins. Companies save money and deliver a better service to appreciative consumers who deepen their loyalty. Not only that, your business becomes scalable and can deliver services 24x7.

Enabling Self-Service via IVR, website, mobile app, SMS or social media means consumers save on their most precious commodity ... time.

They also enjoy greater control which can make their interactions feel more positive. So, how can your contact centre deliver great Self-Service to consumers successfully?

What you should do to deliver great Self-Service:

  • Optimise the user experience for the device being used to access Self-Service. Today, consumers expect you to be responsive to match their chosen device telephone, laptop, mobile or tablet
  • Be prepared for channel shifting which regularly happens – up to 40% of the time. Include this in your research, consideration and buying decision. Enabling this, and helping your contact centre agents to keep up with it, will create a seamless journey
  • Personalise the offers to the customer wherever you can. To do this you’ll need historic data on what they looked for plus what devices and channels they used
  • Give your customers the option to switch to a live agent when needed and then make sure that the agent has the full engagement history to avoid asking the customer to repeat information
  • Integrate selected social media features for advice and help.

Today’s consumer interacts through a number of channels, including Self-Service (mobile, web, IVR, kiosk or social media applications), so it’s important to make sure that your offers and personalisation are consistent on every channel to create a unified experience. This principle also needs to extend to the payment options where, again, you’ll need to offer the latest methods and in a consistent manner for the best engagement.

Fast and painless adoption...

The best Self-Service technology is easy for consumers to use and simple for you to deploy. You don’t need to turn your business upside down or spend a fortune.

Cloud-based services can be added quickly and easily on a pay-as-you-go basis. What’s more, Self-Service pays for itself quickly ... it allows you to do far more with less.

For deeper insight take a look at our eGuide ‘Finding the right balance of tools’. Alternatively to find out more about Eckoh’s Self-Service solutions give us a call on 08000 630 730 or drop us an email at

Posted by eckoh at 5:46 PM on Oct 25, 2018


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