Best practices for a modern IVR system

As internet-enabled technologies rapidly evolve and increase in popularity, it is commonly thought that customers resolve their issues by using these platforms.

Yet, in a recent survey 75% of people admitted to successfully dealing with their issues by contacting customer services via phone, compared to 11% on a website and 5% via social media. This indicates that phone channels are still very much necessary and particularly highlights the importance of using modern Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system solutions.

A company’s IVR is often neglected as focus is put on other platforms such as digital communication channels. However, the IVR should be equally prioritised to these other outlets, as it is more often than not the channel that a customer uses for resolving problems. It is also the first choice of platform when the customer needs an immediate response.

Even though contacting the company via a phone channel is the customers preferred method to solve their problems, IVR is most frequently attributed to the top frustration with customer service. The top annoyances with IVR solutions are based on the design. For example, having to repeat information, long pathways to problem solving, and being unable to reach an appropriate representative are some of the concerns the customer has over using a phone channel.

Here are some best practices to ensure your IVR complies with customer satisfaction:

  1. Use IVR within your omnichannel approach
    This makes your IVR consistent with your other forms of digital contact such as live web chat and email.
  2. Concise menu structure
    The phone line is often a customer’s first choice of communication because they require an urgent response to their queries. Keep IVR menus short to not confuse the customer and streamline their interactions for a quick but effective process.
  3. Integrate IVR with other systems
    For example, integrating IVR with Intelligent Call Routing will optimise customer interactions and ensure the customer will be put through to the best-suited person.
  4. Keep your IVR up to date
    Your business is always evolving and expanding so therefore so should your IVR. This way your customers are more likely to have personalised options that are more adequately suited. Overall your IVR will help to improve your contact centre efficiency and therefore it is necessary to keep it modern.
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Posted by eckoh at 2:43 PM on Sep 27, 2016


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