Don’t let your IVR be a victim of bad publicity

Bad publicity is most definitely something to avoid. But the website could be easily titled “” because it lists more than 8,000 companies in 45 countries. lists, amongst other things, shortcuts and cheats to navigate the IVRs of these companies as quickly as possible. It’s been featured in Time, Consumer Reports, Money, and the Wall Street Journal, and has more than 27,000 likes on FaceBook.

The reason it’s a hit is because there are still real issues with IVRs that really shouldn’t exist today.

But this isn’t a blog that will prattle on about poor IVRs and how to avoid their exposure on GetHuman. It is, however, a blog about how to make sure that you come across as the star player in the IVR space, and so it will dwell on leveraging your IVR to provide excellent, Facebook-posting, Tweet-worthy, Instagramtastic customer service by focusing on one thing: simplicity

Your IVR isn’t a replacement for a human. Any “contact centre expert” who disagrees should be summarily shown the door. Your IVR is the first impression many of your customers will have of your organisation in some cases, it’s the ONLY impression they’ll have. There is a very short list of things it should do;

1) It should quickly allow your customer to do what they’re trying to do (get information, make a payment, activate something, buy something)

2) it should connect them to a friendly human who can help them.

That’s it that’s the full list.

Are there any humans out there?

Muddying the path to a human used to be the default position of many IVRs. In fact, many IVRs made it nigh on impossible to reach a human. This was largely because IVR self-service had been implemented with cost and headcount reduction in mind, and not the customer experience. That was before we understood about brand loyalty, customer power, social media, and the importance of keeping customers happy.

Modern IVR advances

Since then there have been great advances in what IVRs can do. Nowadays it’s about blending the services on offer so that your customers have a choice do it themselves, or ask an agent to do it for them. It’s the simplicity we mentioned earlier, and it really is that simple!

So, if you want voice of the customer ratings that are so good you have to wear sunglasses to read them, then take a look at what you’re actually offering on the front door to your customers. Customer expectations of service and technology continually evolve, so continual improvement requires well continual improvement.

Change is the only constant, and what was good yesterday may fall in popularity almost overnight, so it’s wise to work with an IVR expert who has its finger on the pulse, is a leader in contact centre technology innovation, and has always stayed ahead of the curve on customer engagement.

For deeper insight download out eGuide – Self-Service a win/win for contact centres and customers.

Don’t let your contact centre get bad publicity from, talk to Eckoh today to see how we can help. Call us on 08000 630 730 or drop us an email at

Posted by eckoh at 10:12 AM on Mar 5, 2019


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