Improve Customer Experience with Intelligent Call Routing

Having a modern call routing strategy in place is beneficial for any company, because it essentially makes for a great customer experience.

Call routing improves agent utilisation and first call resolution, which are key improvement areas for customer satisfaction.

This seems relatively simple, but what sort of customer feedback, expresses a need for improved call centre solutions? Unable to reach an appropriate representative, frequently having to repeat themselves, or spending too long answering questions before finding a solution to their problems are some of the concerns customers have. If a customer can seamlessly get an answer to their query and talk to an appropriate agent first time, then it will surely make for a better customer experience, rather than multiple call transfers and lengthy periods on hold.

Software that handles calls has been around for years, but in recent times the automation of this system has significantly improved. Handling the concerns of the customer, all results in setting up intelligent call routing. EckohROUTE is an example of an intelligent call-routing solution that gives you complete control of how and where inbound calls are delivered.

Intelligent call routing can ensure customers will reach the most appropriate person/IVR for a faster and more efficient customer experience. This can be set up based on a person’s skill set, so the customer is more than likely to find the answer to their query without having to be transferred. The system routes inbound calls to contact centres, departments, outlets or branches based on business rules so it does not matter where the appropriate agent is located.

Integrating Intelligent Call Routing with IVR is another way of optimising customer interactions and ensuring the customer will be put through to the best-suited person or department. By building business logic into your call routing you can make best use of your resources.

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Posted by eckoh at 10:00 AM on Nov 19, 2015


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