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Challenge #5: Help when purchasers wobble at the checkout
Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Are your online customers getting cold feet on the final payment screen — and giving up? If so, there's an effective tool you can use to get them over line.

Challenge 5 ChatGuard

Our blog series on the Top 12 Customer Service Challenges has been unmasking the big issues facing contact centres today. Last time we looked at how co-browsing can rescue customers who get stuck at critical moments but now we're focusing on issues around the payment process.

If you walk around a large supermarket, you may see the occasional abandoned trolley full of groceries — or, more likely, spot a pack of sausages or strawberries left on the wrong shelf because someone's changed their mind about dinner. But it's not that common.

However, with online shopping, giving up before you pay is more the 'norm' than the exception.

Over the years, there's been a steady stream of surveys trying to gauge the depth of the problem. But research organisation the Baymard Institute has pulled together 40 studies to find an average. Shockingly, it found that 69% of all e-commerce visitors abandon their shopping cart*.

The impact on business

Let's imagine a typical e-commerce company is facing this scenario. If customers completed transactions every time, then sales would triple. But even if a fraction of these potential purchases were to go ahead, then imagine the transformation to its balance sheet?

So why might the company's customers be failing to complete their transactions?

Last-minute payment wobbles can happen for a variety of reasons, including these:

  • Something technical goes wrong with the payment process
  • The shopper thinks they paid but it didn't go through correctly
  • There's something on the screen that confuses them
  • They're not sure if a gift card or discount code worked correctly
  • Their preferred payment method doesn't appear
  • There's something that makes them feel uncertain about security.

Losing the sale isn't the only thing that goes wrong either. Because the payment process is linked so tightly to trust, it's possible that a customer loses confidence in the company ... for ever.

What's the answer?

To fix the issue, the company needs a two-pronged approach. Firstly, a helpful prompt to the customer to open Web Chat can bring an agent alongside to save the sale. It may be the agent can simply answer a question or two — and the customer is ready to complete via the website.

But to really seize the moment and not risk losing the sale a second time, it's much better if the agent can complete the transaction on the spot, directly within the chat window during the conversation. Eckoh’s ChatGuard solution exists to enable the company to take a payment immediately this way, without their agents ever having to see any card data, so the process is PCI DSS compliant and secure.

With secure chat payments, the company can keep the sales coming in, retain people's trust, and deliver a hand-held payment experience whenever it's needed. 

Hassle-free to implement
Eckoh was the first PCI DSS Level One service provider to offer secure payment within a Web Chat session. Its tech is easy to implement with no integration to systems, payment applications or payment gateways – only configuration.

Eckoh's ChatGuard service also de-scopes the contact centre payment processing via web chat, reducing the PCI DSS audit scope. This is because sensitive data only enters the enterprise as a token (while Eckoh verifies the details), minimising the risk of fraud and the impact of a data breach.

Read more about leading chat payment technology and how it can help your business.

Got another contact centre challenge?
There are 12 in our series. Check out our blog page for what's been covered so far — and watch out for other important topics coming along soon. In the meantime, get your copy of our Top 12 Customer Service Challenges. This guide looks at practical business issues that are holding back performance at the heart of contact centres — and how to solve them. 

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*Source: '41 Cart Abandonment Rate Statistics' - Baymard Institute (28 Mar 2019)

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