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Five ways retailers are using technology for customer engagement
Tuesday, 15 August 2017

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Engagement, Retail

With consumers driving channel choice you can’t afford to ignore any means of engagement but, at the same time, you’ve got to keep their data secure.

Five ways retailers 900

Digital channels have become an absolutely vital component in the retail portfolio, and have a strong influence on brand, positioning and customer experience. But, you don’t want to forget the less tech-savvy shoppers or those who may still prefer to pick up the phone and speak to an agent. So how can you keep both ends of the spectrum happy?

Whether it’s automation secure payments or agent assistance you need to find a solution that can help you achieve this. And, as important, making them all work together to form a seamless customer experience.

Here’s five cases - from secure payments to self-service and customer engagement channels - that show where retailers are staying ahead of their competition.

Hillarys - the UK’s leading window dressing retailer – originally addressed their PCI DSS compliance using ‘pause and resume’ functionality in their contact centre which prevented customer details from being recorded. However, later revisions of the PCI DSS standard tightened requirements such that this no longer met the requirements. Hillary’s needed a seamless in-call transfer to secure IVR payment capture for their remote advisors as well as enabling their contact centre agents to remain on the line while the customer is making a payment.

EckohPAY, as an automated self-service payment solution, lets customers to make payments over the phone 24x7x365. The service securely authenticates the caller, using identification and verification, before guiding them through to make the payment.

CallGuard, as an agent-assisted secure payment solution, allows constant conversation between the customer and Hillarys’ agents while the payment is being processed. Because the system replaces card digits with flat tones the card data is kept anonymous. In fact, the agent cannot see, hear or gain access to the customer card data.

Both solutions remove desktops, systems, agents and call recordings from PCI DSS compliance scope and don’t require the customer to speak their card details aloud.

“We were impressed with the flexibility and unobtrusiveness of CallGuard” Head of ICT, HiIlarys

Ideal World - the multi-channel TV and web retailing business – outsources its two contact centres in Mumbai and Manilla. They wanted to improve the telephone ordering process to make it easier for their two million customers to place orders and ensure that call waiting times were reduced.

To manage the huge peaks in their call volumes, which are triggered by the popularity of items sold on the TV and web, Ideal needed to effectively automate the routing of calls between the two contact centres, identify repeat customers and explore web and social media channels of engagement.

Eckoh implemented and IVR for Ideal’s orderline and customer service line. This uses inbound telephony, including advanced speech recognition and interactive voice response, to simplify the ordering process. Fully integrated with the database the customer can receive information products, stock levels and membership. When all the agents are busy all calls can be switched to the automated, scalable service. Agents can also engage with customers using Live Chat and Social Media which helps resolve customer enquiries outside the contact centre, freeing up agents to handle more complex queries.

The Orderline and Customer Service line take over 1.5million calls per year, enabling customers to complete orders without speaking to an agent. The identification and verification function in the IVR has reduced agent handling time by an incredible 1.4 minutes per customer. Significant cost savings have been made using automation over a human agent but, at the same time, the live agents are there to provide a more personalised service to callers who need it most.

“We are extremely pleased with the services that have been delivered and we’re thrilled to be working with Eckoh to extend the automated services for our customers.” Head of Customer Service, Ideal Shopping.

Hayes Garden World – a family-owned garden centre business – needed a way to improve its online engagement after it noticed that website visitors were spending time browsing but not making a purchase. They wanted a simple way to encourage customers to ask questions if they were unsure to help them complete a purchase.

Eckoh implemented an Instant Call-Back function which is now available at the top of every page of Hayes’ website. Call-Back analyses mouse movement, pages viewed, time spent on pages and scrolling behaviours. When a customer is browsing the site, at certain key points, a pop-up window asks if they’d like a call-back from a customer advisor. This call is free for the customer and helps them to get a direct answer to their query when they’re in the best frame of mind.

To further enhance the experience and help encourage more sales Co-Browsing was also implemented. This allows the agent to share their screen with the customer so that they can guide the customer around the website answering their questions as they go and even help them place an order. Importantly, at the point at which a payment is made the agent does not see the customers’ screen which helps keep the cardholder’s data secure.

Hayes Garden World was able to increase online sales by 13% with Instant Call-Back and Co-Browsing from Eckoh.

Screwfix - the UK’s largest multi-channel supplier of trade tools and essentials – required the ability to take secure payments through their 350-seat contact centre which handles around 40,000 calls every week.

The contact centre had an award-winning reputation to maintain and wished to make sure that it was PCI DSS compliant without compromising their voice channel security that provides a reliable, personalised and uninterrupted customer service.

Screwfix chose CallGuard Hosted because it completely removes phone payments from PCI DSS scope. As a fully managed service, it lets the Screwfix advisors accept card payments without the details entering the contact centre environment. When the customer types their card details into their telephone keypad the tones are intercepted by CallGuard and replaced with monotones. This makes the data meaningless and so it can remain in the call recording with no implications to PCI DSS or risk of exposure to fraud and theft.

“CallGuard has enabled Screwfix to uphold its award-winning customer service contact centre alongside full PCI DSS compliance”

Vue Entertainment – the operator of 116 state-of-the-art cinemas across the UK, Europe and Far East – needed to make the booking process easier for customers while raising the quality of its customer service, reducing call waiting times and providing basic information on films.

Eckoh provides Vue with a live, PCI DSS compliant, UK-based contact centre and an automated information and ticket booking solution for their 80 UK cinemas. Both services integrate seamlessly to ensure customers receive fast, efficient and personalised service.

Using Eckoh’s advanced speech recognition technology, the automated service allows customers to request film information and screen times as well as book and pay for tickets. Eckoh also operates Vue’s complete customer contact centre, managing inbound and outbound customer calls, emails, bookings, enquiries, complaints, refunds as well as Vue’s gift card operations.

In 2011 Eckoh handled over 300,000 calls through the contact centre and over 1.2million calls to the automated service, taking over £2.5million in payments.

We have been working with Eckoh for a decade and they have consistently demonstrated and unrivalled level of flexibility, responsiveness and expertise in the delivery of their telephony and contact centre services. COO, Vue Entertainment

If you'd like to know more about secure payments and customer engagement get in touch.

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Claire Lynam

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