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Stop sending your customers away
Monday, 18 November 2019

Not so long ago, we were excited about the amazing ROI that contact centres could expect from Web Chat. It hasn’t disappointed - the proof is out there. So what more can you expect once you can pay in chat too?

Stop sending your customers away 900

Today, Web Chat has become such a popular engagement channel that it’s hard to think why any customer facing organisation wouldn’t have one. And, as 77% of customers won’t make certain purchases if there’s no web chat support [1] it makes the decision to take secure payment in web chat even more compelling.

Don’t send your customers away

Web Chat smooths out the bumps when customers need to contact you. They get frustrated when they’re forced to call the contact centre and it gives them a faster alternative to both voice and email.

Why then, when your customer is at the point of purchase, would you send them away? It makes little sense but it’s what a lot of contact centres today must do. Frustrated customers are asked to call a contact centre or go to another webpage to make a payment. Not only does this break the engagement but it’s massively annoying. As a result you risk losing the sale, and your customer. What you need is to be able to take a payment within a chat session.

Solving a costly problem

69% of online baskets are abandoned and 95% of abandonments take place at the payment stage.[2] Not only does this have a significant impact on your bottom line but it could be handing your customers over to your competitors.

Being able to take a payment within the chat session means you can save those sales, increasing revenues and creating a seamless customer experience.

Get more out of each sale

Web Chat payment isn't just about saving the sale. You can boost basket values too. Analysis of Eckoh’s customers found that consumers who took advantage of Web Chat tended to spend 30% more on average than those shoppers who served themselves. Consumers revealed that this was because of the direct and personal nature of the contact.

What's more, the payback can be astounding. Over a 12-month period, organisations that used Eckoh's Web Chat services earned nearly 20 times their investment from sales through Web Chat. Think what you could achieve by adding secure payment in chat?

Eckoh’s ChatGuard extends its patented secure payment technology to the chat channel to let customers pay directly in a chat. No sensitive data is seen by an agent or stored in systems, so it removes these payments from PCI DSS scope, it’s secure and creates a great customer experience.

Ready to get started?

If you're wondering why sales revenue isn't growing fast enough from your contact centre, then begin a conversation within your company about deploying Web Chat and ChatGuard. With a cloud-based service, it's simple to get started — and can transform a company's fortunes very quickly.

Watch the video.

Want to see how simple it is? Take a quick look at ChatGuard in action and when you’re ready, get in touch.


[1] Business2Community

[2] Baymard Institute 2018

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Claire Lynam

Claire Lynam

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