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Web Chat: What else delivers nearly x20 payback?
Tuesday, 24 July 2018

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When it comes to return on investment, the figures for Web chat are worth shouting about: For every pound you spend, you could earn close to 20. The proof is out there.

Web Chat x 20 ROI 900

Turn defence into attack

Web Chat is one of the the jewels in the crown of customer engagement and can smooth out the bumps when customers need to contact you. Customers get frustrated when they are forced to call the contact centre. Web Chat is a great engagement channel for your customers when they want a faster alternative to both voice and email.

But it's not just about improving the customer experience. Web Chat also boosts your bottom line. It's an excellent way to lead customers by the hand towards greater engagement and sales. The stats speak for themselves ...

Solving a costly problem

Web Chat can sometimes be viewed as an expensive gimmick or a nice-to-have. Maybe some companies believe their websites and apps are so slick and intuitive that everyone finds them effortless? But this attitude can border on arrogance ... and prove costly.

In reality, many shoppers wobble and waver during the purchasing process perhaps a lot more than we realise. Forbes reported that 83% of online shoppers need assistance to complete an order[1]. Other research found that 77% of customers won’t make a purchase if there’s no Web Chat support[3]. In other words, companies may be losing vast numbers of potential customers ... without even realising what's happening right now.

However, if you see customers struggle - and offer to help - then everything changes.

From its own research among organisations using advanced Web Chat services, Eckoh discovered that customers are three times more likely to make a purchase when you reach out with a Web Chat. For example, if a customer is stuck on the checkout page, you can automatically trigger a Chat and help them to complete their purchase. Web Chat software will read their behaviour during their website journey and intervene at make-or-break moments like these.

Rapid and rewarding ROI

Web Chat isn't just about saving the sale. You can boost basket values too. Analysis of Eckoh’s Experience Portal customers found that consumers who took advantage of Web Chat tended to spend 30% more on average than those shoppers who served themselves. Consumers revealed that this was because of the direct and personal nature of the contact.

People come back for more too. According to ATG research, 62% of consumers reported being more likely to purchase from a site again and 38% said they had made their purchase due to the Web Chat session itself.[3]

Web Chat saves money for companies: Agents can handle multiple Web Chats simultaneously, call queues can disappear and the cost per interaction reduces.

What's more, the payback can be astounding. Over a 12-month period, organisations that used Eckoh's Web Chat services earned nearly 20 times their investment from sales through Web Chat.

Ready to get started?

If you're wondering why sales revenue isn't growing fast enough from your contact centre, then begin a conversation within your company about deploying Web Chat. With a cloud-based service, it's simple to get started and can transform a company's fortunes very quickly.

Download your free copy of the Customer Engagement eBook.

This free guide points the way towards greater customer satisfaction, sales and profitability using Web Chat and other important engagement tools.

To find out more about Eckoh Web Chat and other tools available via the Eckoh Experience Portal that can enhance your contact centre why not gget in touch.


[1] 'Exceptional Customer Service Is Key To E-Commerce Growth' - Forbes Aug 18, 2017

[2] '8 Essential Live Chat Customer Support Statistics' - Business 2 Community

[3] ATG Global Consumer Trend study

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