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Why Call Recording matters to your contact centre.
Friday, 08 February 2019

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Contact Centre

The increased range of communications devices – mobiles, home landlines, VoIP phones for example - means that contact centres today need to consider widening the types of calls that they record.

Why call recording 900

This may be for legal or regulatory requirements, but there are other reasons to do so. Here’s our top three:


Compliance may not be the most exciting reason, but it is critical to your brand to keep within the law and protect your reputation and business.

So, whether you’re operating a trading floor, bank, insurance company, health centre, public safety line or government body, being able to record your contact centre calls in a compliant way is vital. Recordings may be for legal or business reasons. Either way, you want a solution that’s easy and flexible to use.

If you’re taking card payments over the telephone, you’ll need to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). There are other industry regulations that may apply to you such as MIFID II, GDPR or FCA requirements, or you may simply need to demonstrate best practice.


No one likes disputes, but they will happen. If you’ve got all your calls recorded from start to finish, you have a full history of the conversations you’ve had and with whom. This makes it so much easier to get to the bottom of any issue and take appropriate action to resolve it. You can save time by not having to trawl through case notes or ask agents to rack their brains trying to remember details. You can give the customer or the regulator an accurate response and avoid the risk and cost of escalation.

In some specific cases, call recording can serve as a verbal contract so it is particularly helpful in resolving contractual issues or where you may need to defend your company against legal action.


We’re used to hearing an announcement saying ‘all our calls are recorded for training and quality purposes’, and that’s exactly the point here. These recordings are valuable in training new customer-facing agents whose job will require them to spend a great deal of time on the telephone interacting with callers. Recordings help you show them how to respond to positive and negative calls, as well as identifying areas for improvement in contact centre performance.

Analysis of call recordings can also highlight trends in customer behaviour, agent performance, and styles of response. This allows you to identify areas which require change, and perhaps find where knowledge is lacking to help agents provide the best answer for the customer. Recordings can help your agents become more skilled, and provide a greater insight into what your customers are looking for and why they call you.

Why record calls?

  • Comply with standards and regulations
  • Understand your callers better
  • Improve agent performance
  • Provide evidence of a business transaction
  • Meet quality targets
  • Prevent or detect fraud
  • Training purposes
  • Fact verification, especially in disputes


For more information about Eckoh’s hosted Call Recording solution and how it works seamlessly with our secure payment solutions, take a look at our product overview 'Eckoh Hosted Call Recording'. Alternatively, give us a call on 08000 630 730 or drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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