Make secure payments one of your USPs

How can you translate growing consumer unease about data protection into a competitive advantage for your business? The answer can be summed up in two words: Secure payments.

As we saw in a recent blog, today's consumers know far more about their data security rights and this could leave enterprises and their contact centres dangerously exposed. Increasingly, consumers will hold organizations responsible for keeping their personal data safe.

Cardholder security is an especially sensitive area. When people's account details get leaked, that's one thing. But when their card details are stolen and their savings plundered by fraudsters, then brand reputations can be decimated.

However, in this new era of greater consumer awareness over data protection, it's possible to gain an edge over competitors by making world-class payment security one of your unique selling propositions (USPs).

The vanishing trick

Some consumers may mistakenly believe that all businesses have measures in place to secure the information they hold. But this would be naïve.

While companies understand the importance of PCI DSS compliance, few know how to do it properly, consistently and affordably. Securing the contact centre environment can involve costly 'clean room' measures, extra agent vetting and a degree of faith that PCI DSS policies will still hold water ... long after annual certification has been achieved.

But even if you promise consumers that your payment channels are secure, there's still that nagging fear that your claims could be undermined by rogue agents in your contact centre, hackers plundering your network, or blunder-prone employees allowing customer details to be spilled over the Internet.

However, with secure payment solutions from Eckoh, you don't have to worry. You can keep out sensitive data from your environment entirely. The data has just not there, so there's nothing to steal.

Eckoh can accept, process and validate the sensitive data on your behalf instead of it ever passing through your contact centre.

Saying Yes to every payment

The beauty of the Eckoh approach is that security doesn't get in the way of you or your customers. You can leave the complexity to Eckoh, while you deliver an outstanding customer experience (CX).

That means you can secure all your payment channels and keep adding new ones to fit consumers' changing lifestyles and preferences.

Customers can relax about security while getting the kind of choice they crave:

  • Some will want to self-serve using an automated payment system, entering their card details via a phone key pad or online because they want to interact 24/7 and prefer not to speak to anyone.
  • Other still wish to call and give their order to an agent, paying by card over the phone. This may be the case with those who are less tech-savvy or have disabilities.
  • Some may want to ask a few questions via text chat before they buy — and then end up making the payment during the chat session.
  • Others may prefer to pay using their Apple smartphone, Google Pay or Paypal because they like the convenience and/or perceived extra security.
  • In future, some customers may be attracted to new payment channels that include artificial intelligence, augmented reality and other innovations.

Avoiding weak links

With a flexible and secure platform, you can keep pace with customer tastes and avoid having any weak links within your contact centre environment that criminals could exploit.

So, it’s not just what you do, it’s how you do it that will bring real, tangible benefits to your business through securing payments on any channel that customers choose to use.

Almost weekly, there’s news of another major organisation having experienced a data breach. Customers see the headlines and start to worry that their data may be among the stolen details.

But with Eckoh's approach, your brand can become synonymous with safe payments in the minds of customers. You'll be seen as an asset not a liability.

Discover more

Get your copy of our eGuide to securing payments and see how it's done. If you’d like to know more about how secure payments can benefit your organisation then give us a call on 08000 630 730 or drop us an email at

Posted by eckoh at 3:05 PM on Oct 5, 2018


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