Where to begin? The essential PCI compliance checklist

Wondering how your organisation can meet PCI compliance and continually outsmart sophisticated fraudsters? If so, our industry-approved checklist and eBook on payment security can help. Get your copy for free.

Published by the PCI Security Standards Council, The Guide to Safe Payments is a must-read for businesses of all sizes who take customer card payments in-person, over the phone using contact centre agents, via the web or through mobile apps.

The eBook shines a light into the murky world of payment fraud, where the cost of some data breaches is soaring and single incidents can sometimes put companies out of business. Those that survive can be fined heavily for failing to protect their customers' card data — and some may even lose the ability to accept card payments.

The growing scale and complexity of payment fraud can leave some companies feeling almost powerless to fight back - and it's not just a one-time 'PCI Compliance checklist' sort of thing, you will always be protecting yourself. However, the eBook provides a refreshingly simple, three section summary of the risks, protection methods and where to get help:

1) Understanding the threat
Smaller companies tend to keep payment methods simple. But today's larger merchants don't have that option if they want to stay competitive. Their customers often demand 24/7 service across multiple payment channels. And that means more systems, people and processes —which results in far more potential points of vulnerability.

If there's a weak link somewhere, then opportunistic criminals will be quick to take advantage. So how can you safeguard every channel?

2) Balancing cost, effectiveness and ease of use
The eBook picks out a dozen ways that merchants can up their game and help to safeguard customer data. These range from using strong passwords and regularly scanning systems for vulnerabilities, through to checking equipment hasn't been tampered with — and only storing data that's essential to keep. The eBook rates each method for cost, ease of use and risk mitigation.

One alarming statistic relates to the danger posed by rogue employees who are intent on stealing or selling customer data. It's reckoned that 55% of security breaches have included employees using a colleague's access and privilege rights to gain access to systems or data.

So what's the ultimate measure you can take to protect sensitive customer details? For those companies willing to dig deepest for the greatest security payback that's easiest to deploy, then the answer is to make customer data useless to criminals. The guide explains how this is possible today in ingenious ways — through the likes of encryption and tokenisation technology.

3) Getting help and advice
Rather than leaving readers to hunt online for security partners, the eBook provides helpful links to lists of providers approved by the PCI Council. This covers applications, devices, scanning, integration and complete solutions. Readers can also find a raft of other useful guides on related topics.

Did you know? We can help you with meeting PCI Compliance. For safeguarding your contact centre environment, no matter how complex - we've got the right solution for your business and it won't compromise your customer experience. You name it - DTMF Masking, Audio Tokenisation, Automated IVR payments, and we've been a Level PCI Level 1 Service Provider since 2010. So you can trust us.

Get in touch today on 08000 630 730 or drop us an email.

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