Tackling the pain of switching contact centre vendors

Worried about facing the backlash from your current contact centre technology provider when you decide to move on? It’s becoming a common occurrence and it can put organizations off.

Avoiding the relationship meltdown

It can be uncomfortable when you’ve made your decision but then you must maintain some sort of relationship until you switch. No one is particularly interested in helping you, you feel a bit adrift and everything takes much longer than it used to. All this extra pressure can lead you to make unwise decisions, trying to resolve issues quickly without giving it your full attention as you try to carry on without compromising your customer services.

“As far as the ‘jilted’ vendor is concerned, there’s usually no incentive to invest in the relationship any more,” says Tony Porter, Head of Global Marketing at Eckoh. “But worse still, there can be a backlash. This can sometimes lead to sky-high prices, penalties for extended support, frustratingly poor levels of service, and reduced up time. Just when you’re focusing on getting your new solution up and running, problems with the old system become a major distraction and impact your business, users, customers, and your reputation.”

Don’t get as far a breaking point

The issues around switching vendors is highlighted in a refreshingly direct solution guide called ‘Why juggling relationships when updating your contact center technology often ends in tears'. The guide suggests how to bridge the support gap in a smooth and cost-effective way. As a result, companies can focus instead on the challenges of implementing their new solution successfully.

The guide points out that it’s often possible to retire a legacy system on good terms rather than simply soldiering on until you reach breaking point. Subtle changes may help to achieve 99.99% up time, all the way to a seamless transition. Highly flexible support contracts are available at short notice too.

Eckoh is expert in supporting contact center technology and can provide short-term support for legacy systems, so you’re no longer at the mercy of your previous vendor in the vulnerable months leading up to a systems switch over.

So, we’ll be there at your side, helping you through the hard times and will be on hand to help you transition to new technology when you’re ready, and not before.

For deeper insight take a look at our eGuide ‘finding support you can trust’. Alternatively to find out more give us a call on 08000 630 730 or drop us an email at tellmemore@eckoh.com

Posted by eckoh at 10:26 AM on Oct 25, 2018


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