Posted by eckoh at 10:49 AM on Nov 11, 2015

Global Multi-Media Company Selects Eckoh’s Tokenisation Solution

Eckoh has secured a significant new three-year contract to provide secure payment services to one of the world’s largest multi-media retailers (the “Client”).

Broadcasting to over 200 million homes worldwide, the retailer will be using the recently launched audio tokenisation variant of Eckoh's CallGuard solution. By converting sensitive card data into tokenised, non-sensitive data that is useless to hackers and criminals if intercepted, audio tokenisation enables organisations to process the tokenised data without security risk. The key feature that attracted the new Client to this solution is that it is easily implemented, requiring no integration or change to its current IT infrastructure, and can be used to process secure data from any communication channel.

Audio tokenisation enables organisations to uphold their security commitment to protect and keep private their customers' personal information. It also means businesses can focus on their core operational objectives and quickly satisfy a significant part of the latest PCI DSS compliance process. The solution is expected to go fully live in Spring 2016, initially in the UK market.

Nik Philpot, CEO of Eckoh, commented:

"I am delighted to announce this major new contract for our audio tokenisation payment solution. Our payment clients' key goal is to protect their customer data without compromising customer experience. With recent high-profile data breaches highlighting the significant risks organisations take if they do not secure data effectively, we would expect to see demand for our technology only increase. To this end, we continue to evolve our products by developing the latest security systems and to make them flexible enough to accommodate the most challenging IT environments. Our latest audio tokenisation solution meets these needs exactly and we are excited that this household brand is the latest company to adopt it."