Posted by eckoh at 11:51 AM on Sep 26, 2016

Updated Distributor Agreement with West Corporation

Eckoh has entered into an updated three-year US distributor agreement with West Corporation (West).

Over the first two years of the partnership, commencement of which was announced on 1 July 2014, West and Eckoh have successfully built a significant sales pipeline for Eckoh's secure payments solution targeted for US Fortune 500 organisations.

The new and updated distributor agreement will see West continue to focus on delivering additional enterprise deals over the next three years on a non-exclusive basis, enabling Eckoh to extend its presence and partnerships in the US mid-market where the Group has witnessed the majority of its direct sales success.

The partnership will be focused on promoting the tokenisation variant of CallGuard, which eliminates sensitive credit card data from the contact centre environment without the need for any changes to the client's existing IT infrastructure. It will eradicate the potential for card data theft by ensuring that employees are not exposed to card data, as well as completely removing the agents, call recordings, telephony, systems and processes from the audit scope of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards ("PCI DSS").

Nik Philpot, Chief Executive Officer of Eckoh, commented:
"We are delighted to have updated our contract with West, which underlines the progress we have made successfully working together in the first two years of our partnership, building a very significant pipeline in the US market. This success is perfectly illustrated by a new and sizeable contract that we have also announced today, where we will be deploying from our product suite our tokenisation secure payments solution, which is an extremely compelling solution for large organisations with complex IT environments.

Today's announcement reinforces our market leading position in the US for delivering robust and proven secure payment solutions; as well as demonstrating our ability to accelerate the growth of our business through successful channel partner relationships."