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Eckoh leads the way with eight years’ PCI DSS accreditation
Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Eckoh plc is pleased to announce that they have once again received their Attestation of Compliance (AOC) to the PCI DSS version 3.2. This will be Eckoh’s eighth consecutive year as a Level One Service Provider, more than any other company in the same field. This renewal ensures that Eckoh remain one of the most consistent and long-standing companies on the Visa Europe list as a Merchant Agent.

8 yeras PCI DSS 900

With thieves and hackers getting smarter, Eckoh is pleased to be able to provide robust and consistent compliance for its own operations as well as for the solutions it delivers to its customers, ensuring that technology solutions keep ahead of criminal activities. Security is no accident, it takes continuous planning and monitoring. Eckoh's CallGuard solution handles this for organisations needing to achieve PCI DSS compliance.

Cam Ross, Director of Payments Strategy at Eckoh said, “Maintaining PCI DSS compliance is a notable achievement, especially over such a long period. It’s thanks to the diligence, hard work and vigilance of everyone who works for Eckoh and shows that the culture of security, vigilance and compliance is embedded within the organisation. That gives our customers the utmost confidence in the effectiveness and security of our solutions as well as our delivery. As we operate our own PCI DSS compliant contact centre, as well as delivering secure payment solutions to help our customers achieve PCI DSS compliance, we naturally offer a degree of insight that others just can’t.”

PCI DSS version 3.2 has a few key changes that will require service providers comply with nine new requirements that have previously been classed as ‘best practice’, including:

  • multi-factor authentication; the use of more controls than username and password combinations alone to protect sensitive data environments
  • increased frequency of penetration testing; service providers must test IT systems every six months to detect potential data security vulnerabilities
  • increased employee assessment; service providers must perform quarterly reviews to confirm that employees are following security policies and operational procedures

Gill Woodcock, senior director of certification programs for the PCI SSC, has published a blog with more information to help anyone who has not already gained their certification. Alternatively you can download your free copy of Eckoh’s PCI DSS Definitive Guide for more information and insight.

For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

About the Author

Cameron Ross

Cameron Ross

Director of Payments Strrategy Over the last 20 years’ service with Eckoh, Cameron has led the Intellectual Property portfolio and R&D team to determine which new payment products we will launch to the market. He also works closely with clients and prospects to determine their compliance needs and fraud exposure risks where his ability to explain the complex so that our clients really understand what will be delivered has proved invaluable over the years. Cameron helped create Eckoh’s patented CallGuard technology which allows companies to remove sensitive card data from any existing call recording system.
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Eckoh (@Eckoh)

Eckoh (@Eckoh)

Eckoh is attending the 2019 North America Community Meeting at the Vancouver Convention Center West on September 17- 19th. #PCISSC Come and find us at booth #6 to find out about our secure payment solutions for contact centers. events.pcisecuritystandards.org/vancouver-2019/
Eckoh (@Eckoh)

Eckoh (@Eckoh)

With #EckohPAY, all customers have to do is navigate through the Interactive Voice Response (#IVR) by asking ‘pay my bill please’ to securely enter their card details. This saves valuable customer and agent time and is PCI DSS compliant. Find out more: bit.ly/2WhIwnX
Eckoh (@Eckoh)

Eckoh (@Eckoh)

It can be difficult to talk customers through an online problem if you cannot see what it is. This is where Eckoh's co-browsing solution comes in! Contact centre agents and customers can share screens for better clarity and advice: bit.ly/2LZ6GzI #contactcentres

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